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Pistons are toast, and John Kuester should have to watch until the bitter end – plus Dumars will use mid-level exception

John Kuester deserves to be fined for what he did last night.

Late in the third quarter, Ben Gordon swung his elbows to clear space and may have hit A.J. Price. Gordon was called for an offensive foul – hardly a big deal.

Kuester went off the deep end, screaming at the official who made the call. Then storming to other end of the court, he went after another official and was ejected.

When asked about the incident after the game, Kuester paused before trying to put the words together.

“It was.. I was…,” he mumbled.

He talked about the foul difference in the game and how Price flopped.* The league probably won’t take kindly to those comments. But that’s not why I think he should be fined.

Kuester got out of watching the rest of the game.

Good for him. But I want him to pay. If the rest of us have to suffer through the end of this season, so should he. No early exits.

*Kuester also said Gordon’s offensive foul took away the Pistons’ momentum. I knew things had gotten low this year, but I didn’t realize it’s so bad the 5-0 run the Pacers were on, which expanded their lead to 11, when the foul occurred counts as momentum for Detroit.

The Pistons lost, 98-83 – and it was only that close because the Pacers are terrible. With Ben Wallace out, Detroit doesn’t have the players or fire to even compete with lottery teams.

I wish I could say the players should give full effort no matter what – like Tayshaun Prince, who had 14 points, nine rebounds and six assists. He’s seemingly gone back to the robot-like player who can do a little bit of everything as long as you don’t ask him to do too much. He just puts his head, doesn’t think about his role and does his job.

For the most part, I like players who think and share their feelings. But I prefer this Prince. When Prince thinks and shares his feelings, he’s been a malcontent and distracted by criticism. I don’t want him shut his brain off all the time, but it might serve him best to do it around basketball.

But he’s the exception. How can these players not be worn down by this season? It stinks. A lot of this team is used to winning, and this isn’t easy to deal with. It shouldn’t be easy to deal with.

I can’t take much more, either. I don’t want to hear George Blaha getting excited about the Pistons cutting a 16-point deficit to 11 or calling it a huge possession down 11 later in the game. I understand it’s job, and I don’t begrudge him, but it’s annoying – especially after he’s had to say similar things all season.

Before this game, Chris Iott of Mlive wrote:

If the Pistons cannot muster enough energy and effort to beat the Pacers, it means they have waved the white flag.

I’m not one for putting too much stock into a single game. But I’m ready to surrender, too. Let’s get past these final 11 games as quickly as we can.

Joe Dumars plans to use mid-level exception

Here’s the real news of the night:

Joe Dumars said in an interview with Eli Zaret that aired during tonight’s telecast he plans to use the mid-level exception this summer to acquire a quality player.

I was worried with the economy down in the area, coupled with his desire to sign Will Bynum, that Dumars wouldn’t use the MLE this year. Thankfully, it’s in the cards.

Dumars also said he plans to acquire a quality player through the draft and another via trade (which indicates he’s not looking to dump Richard Hamilton for an expiring contract – at least not as the only deal of the summer).

That’s a plan I can get behind.


  • Mar 24, 201010:59 am
    by koz


    Trade Gordon for Amare’ and Richardson straight up!

  • Mar 24, 201011:02 am
    by Don Roritor


    Did Tayshaun Prince bang your girlfriend or something?  Anytime I check in on your blog I see a dig at him being a “malcontent.”  He’s no doubt unhappy watching his team do a complete 180 in the standings, but he’s never thrown a Andray Blatche or Rasheed Wallace level tantrum to merit your level of scorn.

    • Mar 24, 20103:01 pm
      by Graham Simmington


      I don’t want to speak for Dan here, but I don’t think the real issue is that Prince is being a brat.

      Instead, his attitude this season is such a departure from what we’re used to seeing from him. His streak of consecutive games, stifling defense, and playful attitude with his teammates immediately come to mind. Even on a team full of selfless players, Tayshaun always stuck out to me as a guy who was willing to do whatever it took to make his team better.

      Unfortunately we’ve seen his streak end, defense lapse, and demeanor change all in one year. It’s tough to watch, and makes me really wish we had the old Tay-Tay back.

    • Mar 29, 201012:13 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      I think Graham sums it up pretty well. Prince’s mental game has left a lot to be desired. That’s particularly frustrating because I think it used to be strong. But he’s shown signs of coming around.

  • Mar 24, 201011:12 am
    by Don Roritor


    BTW, I do like your blog, and props for being the only person in Detroit to pick up on Joe D’s MLE comment.

  • Mar 24, 201012:26 pm
    by Steve WIlliams


    I want cousins and monroeor kaman trade tay or whoever you have to and if we get the right pick in the draft to get cousins and then get back into the top ten to get monroe that will be a dominate front court

  • Mar 24, 20103:52 pm
    by BrandScottK


    I have ridden with the Pistons since the mid 80′s, Kelly Tripucka and Zeke days, but this season is the toughest that I can remember. Perhaps it is the sting of still hoping/trying to hang onto past recent glory.  Whatever the reason, I am not at all pleased with this year and it seems to have been doomed since the off season acquisitions that everyone questioned (BG, CV, and Kuester’s hiring).  I fear JD may run the franchise into the ground (if its not near there yet).  I think we would have been better off with Avery and JD reliquishing some of the control to him (depending on what the real conflict was there).  This team is a mess, with little immediate hope for the future at this point (the next 2-3 years) without a MAJOR shakeup.
    Twitter: @BrandScottK

    • Mar 24, 20104:34 pm
      by Pistonspapa


      Maybe it’s time to get rid of Dumars. I always had a lot of respect for Joe but Getting rid of Chauncy was a bad move and it’s ruind this team. Stucky was suppose to be a more then apt replacement for Chauncy(like hell) and now they are talking about him being a shooting guard, so look out Rip. Look at all the people that have left, including Tom Wilson. Maybe it’s Joe. The Pistons organization sure kept Joe around. Too bad he don’t do the same for his good people.

    • Mar 29, 201012:16 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      I believe the real issue with Avery Johnson was money, not control. And I’m OK with passing on him because of it.

      Almost every coach in the NBA is on a clock. Besides Jerry Sloan and Gregg Popovich, it’s just a matter of time before the players tune out his message. So, don’t start your clock with a premier coach like Johnson until you’re a contender. It’s a waste of money.

  • Mar 24, 20105:56 pm
    by Junior


    You’re waaay off on the Kuester thing…Sure it has been an awful season. However, the Pistons have gotten a terrible whistle all season as well. I have been waiting for him (Kuester) to pull a Jerry Sloan all season. You have to appreciate the fire. Gordon barely touched him.

    • Mar 29, 201012:18 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Junior, my comments about Kuester were said jest. I don’t really believe he wanted to skip the rest of the game. I think it was a matter of trying to fire up his team.

  • Mar 24, 20106:59 pm
    by oracle


    i’d much rather have a coach show willing to stick up for his team, even when we’re out of the playoffs with 11 games to go, than some pansy who just sits there and takes it from the refs like a good little boy.

    • Mar 24, 20109:40 pm
      by Zak


      I can only assume that the pansy you are referring to goes by the name of Alvin Gentry

  • Mar 25, 20101:59 am
    by JTRICE60


    Joe Dumars was the one that broke the team up. This year we did nothing but fail again. I like the additions at first, but watching a team playing no defense and other teams scoring at will when they want is disgraceful. I don’t know what JD needs to do but he better do his job or he will be fired. Trading away our best scorer because he might be too old is stupid. He needs help man. Tay plays that’s the best I can say for him. He just needs help also. They will wear Jonas down just like they did Tay. Play Austin Daye the rest of the way. Get a good Center is what we need and a real point guard.

    • Mar 29, 201012:17 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      I think Prince got worn down, in part, because of so many long postseason runs. Unfortunately, Jerebko hasn’t deal with that issue.

  • Mar 25, 201011:45 am
    by mat


    Dumars is the one to blame here, not Keuster.  With that roster, he never had a chance.
    Joe’s MLE and trade comments indicates he just doesn’t get it.  Still in denial about the reality for this team.  With no franchise talent to build around, we need to rebuild, not cobble together a mediocre playoff team.  Using the MLE is just going to add another salary obligation Joe (or his replacement) will want to get rid of.

    • Mar 29, 201012:20 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Or it could be a Chauncey Billups-like player who makes everything click.

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  • Mar 25, 20108:00 pm
    by JFITZ


    These Pistons play like chumps. I do have,do,and always love the Pistons,I currently live in San Jose and went to the Pistons Warriors game a few weeks back, pathetic. Iwas cussing Pronce out from the 4th row all night. He had Marrow gaurding him, Pronce had an easy 3 inches on him not including his wing span and would catch theball on the blocks facing the rim,he didn’t have to leave his feet to shoot over Marrow and he never took one shot, and the Pistons lost (to the Warriors) The only player who has given any prideful play is Ben Wallace.  even Rip’s career needs to have an R.I.P next to it now, he is shooting about 11% fromthe field every game woth no rebounds or assists. If you cannot represent Detroit with pride, ask for a trade, chumps, I’m pi$$ed.

  • Mar 27, 20105:04 pm
    by Joe Fox


    Who writes this stuff?  Really the articles on here read as if they were put together by a 5th grader.  Typos and words left out.  For get the coach having to sit through the game.  the writer should have to sit through his own writings and proof it. The Pistons are bad but this is worse.

    • Mar 28, 20109:52 pm
      by Frank


      Funny that a person complaining about how an article is written has three typos in his reponse.  Forget is one word not two.  The first letter of a sentence is supposed to be capitalized.  There should be a comma after really or the word should be omitted completely.

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