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Joe Dumars nearly drafted Joe Johnson ahead of Rodney White

From Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

I think if there’s one draft choice Joe D would like to have back – even more than Darko, who was the overwhelming choice at No. 2 by NBA personnel evaluators that year – it would be choosing White over Joe Johnson. Remember, the revered Jerry West had said he thought White was the best talent in that draft, so a lot of people thought the Pistons got a steal at No. 9. But Dumars went into that draft with a soft spot for Joe Johnson, who went one pick later, and I think that’s the pick he wishes he had back. He managed to turn White into a No. 1 pick from Denver a year later, recovering pretty nicely and also affirming that other teams thought White had a real NBA future, too. It just never panned out for him, largely because of off-court issues.

Does that make you feel better about this year’s draft?

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  • Mar 24, 201011:02 am
    by koz


    Message to Dumars: Do not pick Cole Aldridge!

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