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APB for Pistons Snuggie fan

As I’m sure you heard, Cavaliers fans set a world record before Cleveland’s game against the Pistons on Friday for most people wearing a Snuggie in one location. But the Associated Press article on the feat included this gem:

Most everyone complied — except for one fan wearing a Celtics jersey and another who thought ahead and brought a Pistons Snuggie.

Anyone have any leads on this mystery fan? Kudos to him or her.


  • Mar 8, 20103:10 pm
    by brgulker


    Someone took a picture of it and posted it on Detroit Bad Boys. It’s on the front page there now.

  • Mar 9, 20109:04 pm
    by Clarice M


    I know this guy…. He’s awesome!  But you’ll never find him…

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