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No wonder Tayshaun Prince is so bitter

Via Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

"I don’t read the papers much at all," said Prince, who averaged 12.3 points and seven rebounds in his past three games. "When something is wrote bad about me, somebody will let me know and then I’ll read it, so basically if something is being said bad about me, I’ll find out."

"It’s hard for me if we’re winning or not winning, because if somebody writes something bad about me, I’m ready to explode on somebody. That’s why I really don’t pay much attention to it."

Maybe Tayshaun’s friends could give him some positive articles about him. Or maybe not – I just spent five minutes trying one on this site and couldn’t.

But in all seriousness, this puts John Kuester in a tough spot. Does he encourage Prince more, possibly given the forward the feeling he can walk all over the coach? Or does he let Prince continue to wallow in self-pity, which obviously make him less productive?


  • Feb 5, 20108:41 am
    by xyu022


    I think tay works better as a glue forward.  Pefect example is playing w/a point like a chauncey & a forward/center like rasheed (late 20′s early 30′s).  Another example was his role on the Olympic team.  But he’s getting better & getting his legs from all that missed time but he’s let me down in the playoffs as of late.  I would pull the trigger on a trade if I were the GM even if it were for an expiring contract.  But i appreciate all he’s done for piston nation.

  • Feb 5, 201011:59 am
    by xerowattbulb


    I agree mostly with xyu022, within reason.  He has more value in a trade then with the Pistons right now, especially considering it’s important to keep playing Jerebko and Daye.  But come on, Prince shouldn’t be dumped for nothing.

  • Feb 7, 201012:12 am
    by JTRICE60


    Tay is a decent player, but he has lost some of his potential. He seems to be just out there and not playing like he use to. I love him but he doesn’t seem happy. I guess you could say because they are losing, but I think it’s more than that. Whether or not he should be traded will remain to be seen. I would have to see him completely healthy first. Having a disc injury is hard to get over. He has to be careful.

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