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Detroit Pistons don’t make trade, what it means for key pieces

Well, the trade deadline passed and the Pistons didn’t make a move. As I wrote before, that makes sense given their assets.

Joe Dumars probably wasn’t too interested in trading his new players, including Ben Wallace, who’s an old new player.

That leaves four veterans Dumars probably shopped to some degree. Below are my thoughts on each of them returning for at least another 29 games.

Richard Hamilton

I’m really glad Hamilton is still a Piston – really glad.

In a time when many are ditching their support – see Tom Wilson – Hamilton wants to be a Piston. That should be celebrated.

Dumars obviously signed Ben Gordon because he believes Gordon can be the type of player you don’t pass up, regardless of whom you already have. That still may be the case, but Gordon certainly hasn’t shown it yet.

The Pistons should wait to trade Hamilton until Hamilton’s value increases or Gordon becomes good enough to handle nearly all the minutes at shooting guard.

And for all the loyalty Hamilton has shown this year, I hope – probably naively – that Hamilton retires a Piston.

Tayshaun Prince

Admittedly, I’m getting a little sick of Prince. But it’s probably a good thing he’s back, too.

He’s just starting to regain his form, and nobody was going to have a strong interest in such of an expensive player who’s had only about eight strong games this season.

After this season, Prince, with his expiring contract, should be one of the Pistons’ most attractive assets. He’ll probably be playing for a different team before the next trade deadline.

And that’s sad. I’m rooting for Prince. He meant so much to this team during its six-year run as a title contender. I hope his attitude and play improve.

I just don’t see it happening.

Jason Maxiell

I really like what Maxiell has been doing as of late. He’s overpaid, but his his salary isn’t so high that can’t change.

He’s been playing very well at backup center for a team in dire need of one. Not only is he productive, he’s playing with purpose. I like this Maxiell.

I’m not sure of his ideal position going forward, but he keeps doing enough that I’m not ready to give up on him.

I think a very good case scenario would be him playing up to his contract. I’m at least enticed enough by what he’s shown lately to be happy he’s still around.

Kwame Brown

I said before, the Pistons should trade Brown. I even offered a few suggestions. But the Pistons wasted his expiring contract – at least until it provides more flexibility in the offseason.

Brown and John Kuester clearly aren’t one the same page, and I doubt there’s enough time left in the season to fix that.

I just hope there’s not a substantial feud that distracts the Pistons from progress the rest of this season and Brown sails off quietly into free agency.


  • Feb 18, 20107:09 pm
    by Mike


    Is this guy for real? this team needs an overhaul more than any in the league and he only thinks they should move Kwame Brown? What can you possibly get for Kwame Brown? A full tank of gas? a free breakfast at Mcdonalds? The pistons are one of the bottom 3 teams in the NBA so wake up! They are as bad as they look!

  • Feb 18, 20107:42 pm
    by xerowattbulb


    Mike, do you even watch this team?  Are you familiar with the injury problem they’ve had?  Are you aware of some of the insanely good flashes the team has shown when healthy?  This team is in the bottom 10 of the NBA in record, but in talent, it’s not even close.  Also, don’t just say “this team needs an overhaul” and not back it up with a suggestion based on reality.  What trade do you think they could make this year to overhaul the team?

  • Feb 18, 20109:46 pm
    by Marcus Taylor


    Why does everyone keep wanting to trade Maxiell? The man is all man, all out hustle on both ends of the floor. You see production because he’s been getting consistent minutes. Any player needs that to play their best. They’re people, not machines. That said, they could’ve gone after Haywood,  Memphis could’ve used hamilton and B. Wallace, and become a real threat out west with those two added. There were deals, but I guess Joe wanted to wait until the offseason, so when he adds a few new players next year if they get off to a slow start he has the excuse that they need time to gel and learn to play with each other. THAT is why he should have made something happen now. You play to win championships, if you can’t do it, you make moves. Detroit didn’t, and it’ll set them back another year.

  • Feb 18, 201010:05 pm
    by Sean


    Solid analysis, the core of this team is playing for other teams now. They will need to continue to dump cap space and get ready to infuse a solid post player, shot blocking post center and a real play maker. Then they can get rid of the roster bodies like brown, and 2 or 3 others and reassemble and be in the playoffs next year. But it will cost $$$ and a few good draft choices.

  • Feb 19, 201012:30 am
    by jvsDUBAI


    Ok, so I live in Dubai and thus never get to see full live games, but I follow the stats and highlights to the extent I can and what I see is this:  Stuckey is not a PG and needs to develop a long range game and play SG, Will Bynum is an extremely efficient PG and deserves more time if he can be supported by some firepower.  The prince/Daye/Charlie combo should work at the 3, although Charlie can’t play D, and prince doesn’t seem like he can create his own shot near the basket anymore.  Maxiell is a solid backup big, but gets paid too much for that role.  Ben is playing admirably but shouldn’t be considered as a solution given his age.  No scoring punch inside, with JJ and Max looking like solid bench options.  Gordon probably a solid, but way overpaid 6th man, and Rip looking like the odd man out if you think about the future.  At present I appreciate the loyalty, but unfortunately he’s older and overpaid.  They need to move him and Tay’s contracts and get back a Kaman/Boozer type inside scorer if they want to have a competitive position in the East.  Thats my view not being able to see the team night-in, night-out.  interested to hear how far off i am.

    • Feb 19, 20102:26 am
      by Marcus Taylor


      It’s all opinion..so why care what everyone else thinks. I never played in the NBA or college, but played on some pretty good teams during my time in the military, some of those guys had played college ball, so I figure my opinion is as good as any writer that never played the game. I do however have NBA Broadband, so I do get to see a lot of games. Stuckey is fine at the point, he just needs guys around him to play with him. A few games ago against Boston, the team was uptempo and sharing the ball and they looked really good. Rip and Tay play that game too well. They start running Rip off screens to get him shots and it kills most of the shot clock while no one else is cutting or nothing. I could tell u so much but limited space prevents that. Will add one more paragraph for you.

    • Feb 19, 20102:39 am
      by Marcus Taylor


      In the games they’ve won recently, Maxiell has been on the floor for good minutes. Jerebko has been great for a rookie. Really hustles. Stuckey has been getting to the basket. Rip actually surprised me  one night, can’t remember against whom but he played WITH the team . Tay has been more aggressive. I thought maybe he and Rip were auditioning for trades. Gordon is still not himself. CV is still soft, that won’t change. Bynum has been OK. BWallace is still BWallace., but against NJ and Orlando, Lopez and Howard were a bit much for him. Also, check Maxiell’s contract against other backup big men, it’s in the same area. Even in the blowout Summers didn’t get any run. This organization confuses me on their goals for the season. Rip and Tay should’ve been gone so the young guys could play. Poor management in my opinion. Waiting to trade only delays future progress. Will probably draft a center or try to trade. Need a BIG body in the middle.

  • Feb 19, 20107:46 am
    by koz


    Dumars blew it choosing Milicic with that golden pick opportunity. What could have been a dynasty  for several years and several championships has turned into a quagmire with the the current team situation. 3 of the 5 Denver statrters were given to them by Dumars including the leauges top scorer. The haunting continues from that blown opportunity back in 2004.

    • Feb 19, 201012:18 pm
      by Adam


      The Milicic pick can’t really be blamed for things. If you think back to that year, and the moments leading up to the draft, everybody said Lebron was the first pick, and Darko was the second pick. Everybody. Not just Joe Dumars. Everybody. I even remember hearing analysts discussing the possibility of Cleveland taking Darko over Lebron but didn’t think it would actually happen. Everybody in the league would have taken Darko second. Look back at all of that year’s coverage of the draft. You will see it. Get off of the Dumars screwed up with the Darko pick. We won the ‘ship that next year. Obviously wasn’t terrible.

      • Feb 19, 20106:34 pm
        by koz


        I still think that Dumars is the best GM the Denver Nuggets have ever had. More thought and care should have went into that pick. So what that he played in Europe, Anthony probably played against tougher competition in college and was probably holding his own against the NBA players he was already working out with. Athletically, Milicic doesn’t cut it. This could have been discovered back then.

        • Feb 21, 20104:10 am
          by abomb


          That was also when Nowitzki, Stojakovic (a little past his prime at that point), and Parker were really proving that Europeans could play in the league. So, yeah, I don’t completely blame Dumars. And if we had taken Melo, we wouldn’t have traded for Sheed, and there goes our championship in 2004. A bird in the hand, right…

  • Feb 19, 201011:55 am
    by Piston Fan of 22 Years


    As a person that has cheered on the pistons since 1988, one think that I can tell everyone is the Rasheed Wallace trade is the only mid season trade that has ever worked out fo the team. The pistons are still feeling the effect of Billups being traded last season. That probally was the dumbest trade of all times, yes dumber tha any trade the clippers have ever made. Therefore there is no trade that the pistons could have made for this season that would help. And because of us being inpatient in the off season we dont have much money for free agency so now we will have to wait for the lottery. Lets just hope we dont pick another Darko lol!!!

    • Feb 19, 20105:56 pm
      by Marcus Taylor


      Prior to the start of the season, they knew what the roster looked like and that it could not compete for a championship, so something could have been done then. A trade at the deadline would have helped because it would have allowed the guys you are moving forward with next year get used to playing with each other without Rip and Tay being in the way. If u watch the games, at times there seems to be chemistry problems, especially when Tay is on the court. And a lot of times Rip uses too much of the shot clock playing one on one instead of sharing the ball. Joe could have traded for more young talent to build with the rest of guys. In reality this is a deep and talented team. They just don’t play well together due to the injuries and chemistry. I just think when Billups was traded, Rip should have been gone, too. The longer u wait, the less value Rip has due to his age and contract.

    • Feb 19, 20106:36 pm
      by koz


      Iverson played harder in the casinos than oncourt.

    • Feb 21, 20103:41 am
      by patrick


      joe has made more good trades than just Rasheed..  Stack for Rip.. cant forget that.. Grant Hill for Ben Wallace and Chucky Atkins..  When you are a true fan, you can’t just point at the bad…Weigh the good with the bad..  Detroit would have never been as entertaining as they were if not for the decisions made by Joe..  I guarantee this team will not be a lottery team forever.  We  need John Wall – that would be a blessing from God!

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  • Feb 20, 20103:23 pm
    by MattyFos


    I heard that Dumars was asking for too much. I’m a Cavs fan and I, obviously, would have been happy getting Rip for a sign and trade using Wally Szerbiak. I’m sure Cleveland would have had to sweeten the deal, but I think Dumars wanted players who could start AND draft picks… It seemed like Dumars didn’t understand the whole salary dump idea.

  • Feb 21, 201012:39 am
    by The Chicago Bulls


    You stole Ben Gordon from the Bulls and he has done nothing for your team. The Bulls allowed him to walk for a reason. He does not play defense. His contract will weigh down the Pistons for years to come. Signing Ben Gordon was a slap in the face to Rip Hamilton.  This team will become the New York Knicks of the the midwest. Horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Feb 21, 20102:41 am
    by Nick


    Can we just admit Joe Dumars messed up? I mean honestly, he was my favorite player, and I don’t want to fire him, but Charlie V and Ben Gordon are  crazy over paid and are obviously not worth building a franchise over. WHY CAN’T YOU GUYS JUST ADMIT THAT???? Stucky is not a point guard. He’s a two guard, and that sucks because we have Hamilton, Gordon and STUCKEY, all two guards. I wish we could blow the team up and start fresh, but NOBODY is going to take Villanueva or Gordon or Hamilton because they are CRAZY over paid. Prince is not the player he used to be also… he might be a good fourth option on a championship team and that it. Why can’t we all just admit that this team it terrible and Joe D messed up?????

    • Feb 21, 20106:51 am
      by koz


      Dumars’ whole theme at the time of  dissappointment at the eastern final loss to Boston was “Now is not the time to panic” and then what does he do? Dumps the best player on the team Billups and another starter to denver for that washed up Iverson. Billups wasn’t the reason detroit lost that series. Kendrick Perkins killed the pistons in thast series. Detroit was the only team to beat Boston at home throughout the playoffs. What they needed was a solid big. Curry was 4-0 with the pistons before the Billups trade, having Billups and all that experience was like having a coach on the floor.  He could not evaluate or determine the cause of that defeat, and that has led the team to where it is right now.

  • Feb 22, 20101:12 am
    by Ray


    Injuries has kept  from playing together and kept the starting rotation from getting in non-existence..the team we have is pretty darn good man check out the ratings besides the lack of a true center we have good pieces. But before we had a championship, Joe D was building so now he is building again i have patience because he hasn’t let me down yet..it took years of building and putting the right pieces together for any team to win..just realize the we been in the playoffs for years more than other teams..We spoiled and want a quick fix..be patient and let joe D work it out

    • Feb 22, 20102:16 am
      by Marcus Taylor


      I agree with you for the most part. In an earlier post I wrote that this was a very talented and deep team. I just believe trading Rip and Tay would have been the best thing to do because Jerebko and the rest of the guys could surely use the playing time to learn what it takes to be successful in the NBA. Daye was the 15th pick and rarely sees the court, and Summers didn’t even get in in garbage time a week or so ago. This team could play well without those two, I believe, and waiting only set the franchise back as it will take the new guys brought in when the trades do happen in the offseason that much longer to learn to play together. That is if trades are made this offseason. I respect Joe and he has done well, but I think he missed it a bit this year.

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