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Could the Detroit Pistons facilitate an Amar’e-to-Miami deal?

First off, a few assumptions:

  • The Suns would like a young power forward and expiring contracts for Stouedmire (evidenced by their interest in trading him to Cleveland for Zydrunas Ilgauskas and J.J. Hickson).
  • Phoenix would rather get Michael Beasley than Hickson.
  • The Heat may be reluctant to include Dorell Wright, who has been playing well lately.
  • The Suns don’t want to take back Jermaine O’Neal’s contract because they’d have to trade someone else back to Miami.

Enter the Pistons.

Here’s what I came up with:


The Pistons would also receive a draft pick.

Originally, I was thinking Detroit could receive the Marcus Banks trade exception instead of Cook. But I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work under the cap rules. Maybe you know better than me, but can an exception be traded for a single player in a three-team trade where that player goes to the third team?

Phoenix and Miami perspectives

Michael Schwartz of Valley of the Suns and Mathew Bunch of Hot Hot Hoops sent me some feedback on the deal.

Schwartz likes Beasley a lot more than Hickson, but he didn’t seem convinced the Suns feel the same way.  He said O’Neal would work in the trade if the Heat take Jason Richardson, but I don’t think they would. He also said Beasley would have to be included in any deal with Miami.

But Bunch doesn’t think Beasley will be traded, citing the Heat owners Mickey Arison. So, something would have to give if the Heat really are serious about getting Stoudemire. Bunch also said, if push comes to shove, Miami wouldn’t hesitate to include Wright – which would mean the Pistons wouldn’t be necessary in the trade.

Extreme version

I also came up with a crazy version of how the Pistons could help the deal work, an all-in type of trade for Miami:



  • Feb 16, 20103:57 pm
    by Marcus Taylor


    I like this trade. Not really sure how effective Rip would be in Miami. IMO, he struggles to create his own shot, relying on screens is a huge part of his game, and makes him a tough adjustment for most teams to incorporate him into their offense. However, if Miami loses Wade, they’ll still have good talent to put on the court. If I’m Wade or LeBron, I force a sign and trade to go to Orlando regardless of who my team adds, so if I’m Miami I really would like to get this done. Detroit also will benefit by allowing the young guys more playing time and help determine if in the off season they need to go after Haywood, or just wait for a center in the draft.

  • Feb 16, 20105:23 pm
    by Twotimez


    First off whatever. The Suns like Hickson a lot better than Beasley. He’s a poor man’s Stoudemire. Beasley is more of a half court type of guy. Hickson runs the floor well like Stoudemire and he can finish strong around the basket. Not to mention Beasley has off court issues. So the Suns do not favor Beasley over Hickson.  If the Heat don’t come up with something then Hickson is the best deal available. It allows them to get under the luxury tax and keep a young player. They save tons of money after they buyout Z which is a big thing right now. But we’ll see. I say Cleveland are still the favorites.

  • Feb 16, 20105:29 pm
    by xerowattbulb


    The problem with the second trade is that you have to have an plan on how you use the cap relief.  Is there really going to be a chance of bringing in Wade or Bosh?  I doubt it, seems like the big free agents of 2010 want to go to big markets with a lot of glamor.  So what do you really get out of this?  I’ve said it before, Rip can play his game till he’s 40 and he’s shown the willingness to adapt a little to mesh with others.  Prince is worth more to the team in a trade, but only if he brings back something they need (quality at the 4 or 5).  Besides that, you have Stuckey and Gordon and Jerebko and Daye to try to build with, adding new pieces through the draft.  A trade JUST to trade is worthless.

  • Feb 16, 20107:36 pm
    by Della


    Here’s a better trade for everyone involved: http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=yz4w9pc.
    The Pistons get two expiring contracts and get rid of Kwame, Tatshaun, and Maxiel. The Cavs get the championship and Toronto should get a #1 pick, Tay for 2 years, and Varejao to replace Bosh.

  • Feb 17, 201012:27 am
    by xerowattbulb


    Della:  That’s a terrible trade for the Pistons.  At least the other version had the Pistons coming away with a 20 million expiring contract, yours is less the 15, and it would single handedly make the Cavs almost unbeatable.  Further, all these trades for cap relief are wasted if the money is spent the way it was this past off season.  Why make a trade for nothing?  Address a need for the team and trade for that.  The last thing the Pistons need this season after all the losing is to also be this year’s version of the Grizzlies:  setting up another team for a championship without getting equal value back.

  • Feb 17, 201012:51 am
    by Kyle


    If we are going to get rid of some key players, we need somebody huge to take over.  This is what I created.
    Now, this could be realistic (above), but for the fun of it, I made an amazing trade that would make Detroit AMAZING.
    Dwight Howard as a piston?  I like the sound of that

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