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Detroit Pistons’ composite midseason grades

Chucky Atkins B B- B B B C+ D Un-Sheedtastic B- 2.57
Kwame Brown D- D D- D D+ D F Un-Sheedtastic D- 0.81
Will Bynum C C C+ Inc. B- B B- A Bynumite Sheedtastic C+ 2.45
Austin Daye C C+ B- B- C+ C+ B Sheedtastic C+ 2.48
Ben Gordon C C C+ Inc. C+ C C+ ½ Sheedtastic C+ 2.17
Richard Hamilton D- Inc. B- C C B D Un-Sheedtastic C 1.89
Jonas Jerebko A B A- B+ B+ B+ B- Swedetastic B+ 3.33
Jason Maxiell D C- C- D C- C D A non Baby Eating Un-Sheedtastic D+ 1.43
Tayshaun Prince F Inc. D+ Inc. Inc. Inc. Inc. Very Un-Sheedtastic D- 0.67
Rodney Stuckey A- B- B+ A- B+ B C+ Potential to be a solid Stucktacular B 3.14
DaJuan Summers C- Inc. C- D Inc. Inc. F Un-Sheedtastic D 1.09
Charlie Villanueva C- C B- C- C C+ C No post playing Un-Sheedtastic C 2.05
Ben Wallace A+ B+ A A+ A A A A Benified Sheedtastic A 4.00
Chris Wilcox C- C- C- C- D+ D+ C+ Un-Sheedtastic C- 1.67
John Kuester B+ C+ B- C+ B- Inc. N/A Record Don’t Lie Un-Sheedtastic B- 2.67

Highest grade for each player  Lowest grade for each player

DF: Dan Feldman of PistonPowered

VE: Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press

DP: Dave Pemberton of The Oakland Press

PH: Patrick Hayes of Full-Court Press

CI: Chris Iott of MLive

JR: Justin Rogers of Full-Court Press

KS: Kevin Sawyer of Detroit Bad Boys

NS: Natalie Sitto of Need4Sheed (Unfortunately, I misplaced my Sheed-to-GPA conversion chart, so Natalie’s grades aren’t included in the average.)


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  • Jan 27, 20109:15 am
    by Gabe


    Vince Ellis should be immediately fired. Big Ben a B+…? Has Vince actually watched a single game this season?

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