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Tuesday Trivia: Scoring leaders

This week’s quiz is about annual scoring champions.

My Score: 51/63

Warning: I’m going to get in that habit of talking about the quiz in the comments. So, don’t read them until you’ve taken the quiz.


  • Dec 22, 20095:16 am
    by Dan Feldman


    Usually, in quizzes like these, I sweep the Pistons. But I missed George Yardley and Adrian Dantley — not pleased about those omissions.

    I got everyone since 1984-85. But by far, Tracy McGrady was the last to come to mind. It’s crazy how quickly he’s fallen out of mind, at least for me.

  • Dec 22, 200911:30 am
    by PistonsNation


    54 (got everyone north of 69-70) .  I would have had 56 but I spelled Paul Arizin wrong.  But then again I may not have gotten T-Mac if I read your comment.

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