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Charlie Villanueva unhappy with playing time

Charlie Villanueva played just 12 minutes against the Knicks tonight, and he said it wasn’t because of his plantar fasciitis or his trip to the hospital today. From Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

“I don’t know what it is,” Villanueva said. “I don’t know. I’m not going to suit up so they can monitor my minutes. I’m suiting up because I feel like I can play.

“So that’s a question you’ll have to ask him.”

And while the comments were in a subdued – not belligerent – tone, we do have some evidence that Kuester’s job of divvying up the minutes on this roster will definitely have some bumpy patches.


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  • Dec 30, 200912:04 pm
    by xyu022


    Play defense & start knocking down some shots….

  • Dec 30, 20093:07 pm
    by Esteban


    Pack your bags Charlie, the guy we should have gone after in the off-season dropped 30 points, grabbed 12 boards, and even dished 5 assists. We’d be lucky to get one of those stats from CV31 let alone all three.
    Just curious, why did we go after an outside shooting big man playing iffy minutes on a sub-par team? We have two wings that can spread the floor with their shooting, did we really need to spread the floor with 4 players? We need an actual PF, not a SF who plays PF poorly.
    At least he has a palatable contract, maybe we can package him with Prince, pick up McGrady, and have some cap room at the end of the season if TMac doesn’t work out.

    • Jan 5, 20101:03 am
      by Dan Feldman


      I’m not sure David Lee would be much better in Detroit. He’s a good fit for a running team, which the Pistons aren’t.

      A team that has a power forward who shoots well from the perimeter can be very dangerously offensively. It hasn’t materialized with Villanueva and the Pistons, but if other elements of the offense improve, he could still be a weapon.

      It’s far too early to give up on him.

  • Dec 30, 20096:47 pm
    by The Rake


    This guy has been a big disappointment thus far.  Not cool to hear him whining about PT.  The team is losing and he is a part of that to be sure.  He has only shown flashes and his inconsistent and often simply poor play has led to his reduced PT.  Yeah, play him 35 min a game and he’ll give you the 17 pts he craves, but we would not get REBs or Defense.  I am not liking his game at all…very soft from what I can tell.  This team is not working right now.

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