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Broussard: Chicago adjusting to life without Ben Gordon

Remember Chicago Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf’s quote about the team’s decision not to make a long-term commitment to Ben Gordon? You know, when he claimed that the Gordon’s return to the team would have resulted in less playing time for him? How about the revelation that they withdrew an offer which Gordon was said to have accepted? It’s seem as if he’s beginning to regret both decisions.

In today’s Daily Dime TV segment, ESPN’s Chris Broussard reveals that Chicago point guard Derrick Rose blames his early-season struggles on more than just his sore ankle (starts at 6:00):

As Broussard points out, the entire Bulls squad necessarily misses Gordon – any team would be stunted on offense after seeing their leading scorer from the past four straight seasons walk, without adding another weapon to take up the slack. Their scoring has dropped twenty spots (from 8th to 28th). And Gordon is having a career year so far, averaging 22 points per game.

It’s a young season so far, and there’s a lot of time for both numbers to change. But one thing is clear: Chicago is definitely missing Ben Gordon.


  • Nov 20, 20094:34 pm
    by Ash


    Clearly a post by a Piston’s-centered blog.

    The Bulls may be worse offensively, but they are INFINITELY BETTER defensively.  Gordon is and always will be a defensive sieve.  Have fun with that, Pistons.

  • Nov 20, 20095:52 pm
    by Vic De Zen


    Everyone should have seen this coming. They can’t score without BG. He has weaknesses, but there’s one thing he’s absolutely amazing at, and the Bulls needed it: scoring.

  • Nov 20, 20099:21 pm
    by smitty


    Ben Gordon, was not only the bulls best offensive player, but he was their best clutch player as well, his ability to score in the 4th qt made kept and allowed them to win many games. No one really plays defense in the NBA until the 4th qtr.. The pistons will be a much better fit because they have better front office who knows how to groom young players.

  • Nov 21, 20097:51 pm
    by rd


    If anyone on the Pistons learn how to give a hard pick or screen, Gordon will average 30 easy.
    As for defense, Gordon has really been trying hard and has improved  markedly.It’s going to be really interesting if this improvement continues.

  • Nov 24, 20097:06 pm
    by mat


    The teams were both around 500 last season.  The team that lost BG is still there.  The team that gained BG  is well below it.
    Yes, this is an extremely narrow analysis that ignores about a 1,000 factors.  But hey, if we’re going to throw out one stat and then use that to draw “definite” conclusions…

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