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New Detroit Pistons coach a smashing hit

The Pistons’ new coach is drawing rave reviews:

Via The Detroit News:

Said Rodney Stuckey: “Things are different around the practice facility. With Coach … around it’s more fun, the whole vibe is different. I know (Coach) will hold guys accountable and people are going to have to be ready to play.”

The Detroit News:

adamant about pushing tempo and getting quick offense off turnovers and missed shots … Talk to a young player … and you’d think the Pistons are going to run all the time.

The Detroit News:

If (Coach) has his way, the words soft or complacent will never again be uttered in reference to the Pistons.

The Detroit News:

And nothing he’s done has given even the slightest indication he isn’t up to the task.

Detroit Free Press:

As for his style, look for more transition offense and a renewed emphasis on suffocating defense that was a hallmark of the Pistons ‘ 2004 NBA title winners.

Detroit Free Press:

plans to rely on his bench more this season to keep his starters fresh.

The Detroit News:

Rookie coach shows right away he is in control and commands respect from players

The Detroit News:

Perhaps the biggest question coming into camp already has become a non-issue — (his) relative inexperience as a coach.

The Detroit News:

That respect has been fortified by his preparation, organization, unwavering confidence in his fundamental beliefs and ability to communicate his knowledge of the game.

Have you figure out the twist yet?

These quotes are a from a year ago and about Michael Curry.

So, when you read articles like this and this (and there are sure to be plenty more before the season opener), take them with a grain of salt.

John Kuester might be the next Chuck Daly. But he might be the next Curry.

Odds are he’ll be somewhere in between. Until he coaches a regular-season game, there’s really no way of telling.

After all, many doubted Daly’s hiring – even Daly:

He asked one reporter, “Who wants to hire a 52-year-old failure?”

Kuester is 54. Maybe the Pistons will be happy they hired him. But maybe not.

Nothing we can do but wait and see.


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    Oct 12, 20093:28 pm
    by The Gordie Howe Hat Trick


    [...] is warning fans to hold off on the Coach Q praise for a bit. Great work there, pretty eye-opening [...]

  • Oct 12, 20094:46 pm
    by Packey


    Nice stuff here.  Fooled me

  • Oct 12, 20095:02 pm
    by steve


    Curry was also on the bench for what, 3 years before getting his first head coaching job? He had no college head coaching experience, only was an assistant coach for the Pistons and had played with many of the players that he was coaching.
    Kuester probably also won’t have to deal with Dumars trading away the leader of his team 6 games into the season… or with A.i. and Sheed quiting half way through the season, or waiting two months for their starting PF to come back to Detroit. That team was a joke last year. I got sick of hearing about all their crying.
    I really don’t see it going down like that this year.
    I know, hold off on the praise until the coach proves himself, well we could say, “hold off on firing the coach before he gets a team that is fully rebuilt.”

    • Oct 12, 20097:15 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Steve, no question that Curry had a tough job. But what indicators did he give that he’d be a good coach once things smoothed out?

  • Oct 12, 20097:48 pm
    by TR


    Every analyst is saying that the pistons wont make the playoffs.  I don’t understand that.  They have a better talent than last year, they wont have any A.I in the locker room.  And they seem that they are developing good team chemistry, they have the best 4 guard rotation in the league, and big ben looks good in red, white and blue.  I’m excited.

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  • Oct 14, 200912:00 pm
    by khandor



    Not every NBA analyst is saying that the Pistons will fail to make the EC playoffs this season.

    I, for one, expect Detroit to re-establish itself this season as a solid playoff team in the East … provided that Kuester knows enough about the NBA game to position Will Bynum as the 3rd-string PG on his squad, behind both Rodney Stuckey [starter] and Ben Gordon [primary back-up].

    If Kuester dvelops a rotation like that … with Daye, Washington, Summers and Jerebko getting valuable minutes at the wing positions behind Hamilton and Prince … there is more than enough scoring punch coming off the Pistons’ bench – in the form of Gordon and Villanueva – to get their team back on track this season.

  • Oct 14, 20097:27 pm
    by B22A


    I didn’t like Curry’s team defense last year.  The players didn’t seem to buy into it either. He was also to inconsistent,one game he would have his team prepared and the next game he would not. Curry does not compare to Kuester but Curry should not have been a head coach last year either. He possibly could have been a better coach if he had a few more years experience as an assitant. He needed leadership  and organizational skiles and experience as an assitant coach would have helped him gain that.

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