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Jonas Jerebko shows little, Will Bynum shows a lot in Pistons’ preseason opener

Jonas Jerebko needs work

If you’ve heard anything about Jonas Jerebko (and I’m not assuming you have), you’ve heard he’s a tough, physical player.

Last night was not an example of that.

Jerebko and Jamaal Magloire got tangled up late in the fourth quarter. Magloire connected a punch and a forearm to Jerebko’s upper body (on one motion).

Both were ejected.

But Jerebko just pushed Magloire to separate himself, and he rolled away. It was clear he wanted no part of an altercation.

So where was that mean streak?

Keith Langlois of Pistons.com offers a clue:

Toward the end of workouts, Jerebko loses his legs and his explosive athleticism along with it.

That would also explain why he looked more tentative as the game went on, too.

Especially considering how deep the Pistons are, I don’t see Jerebko cracking the rotation any time soon.

Will Bynum needs playing time

With Rodney Stuckey, Richard Hamilton and Ben Gordon needing minutes in the backcourt, Bynum appeared to be the odd man out.

But he scored (15 points on 5-of-7 shooting) and passed efficiently (just two assists, but he distributed better than that) last night.

If he was a first-round pick, and Rodney Stuckey was undrafted, I think Bynum would be starting.

Odds and ends

  • The bigs seemed to pass the ball pretty well. Rasheed Wallace was known as a good passer, so the Pistons appeared headed for a drop here. But I think Ben Wallace is underrated in that regard. And even Jason Maxiell kept the ball moving well.
  • DaJuan Summers had an excellent summer league, and everyone said Austin Daye needs time to fill out. But Daye entered the game before Summers. And Summers played more minutes. So who will make a bigger factor this season? Before the game I would’ve said Summers. At this point, I’m guessing Daye.
  • Ben Wallace started and was solid in limited minutes. That’s a role I see him having during the year, too. He’ll provide the tone Kuester wants.
  • Ben Gordon talked about being more of a playmaker this year. I didn’t see him do it once.
  • Kwame Brown looked lost on defense and didn’t rebound especially well. I hope this is just lethargy for the first preseason game.
  • I thought Deron Washington would get minutes as a defensive stopper this year, but he didn’t play at all.
  • Chucky Atkins didn’t play, either. Probably should end any speculation about a miracle chance of making the roster.
  • I can’t believe the Heat, down two, drove inside in the final seconds. Did anyone really want to play overtime? Draw up a 3-pointer next time, Erik Spoelstra.
  • I’m not happy Wallace ditched the afro. That thing on his chin doesn’t make me feel better.


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  • Oct 7, 20099:43 am
    by Mike


    Jonas did smash Jamaal in the face after Jamaal punched him first.  There was only one angle that showed it and they only showed it once.  It was from the camera on the other end of the floor; not the one they kept showing over and over again.  And he got him good.  Just lettin’ ya know.  That’s why he was ejected and that’s what Tayshuan was talking about.

    • Oct 11, 200910:31 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Mike, thanks for the tip. As long as Magloire went after him first, it’s good to see Jerebko stand up for himself.

  • Oct 8, 200912:00 pm
    by shawn


    i just thought id let you in on some news from those folks at espn, they picked toronto and washington over the pistons this year as  playoff teams!!!!!      they cant be serious , while washington always looks good on paper because of arenus , thats exactly what his body is made of when it comes to actually play the game , he plays 20 to 22 games this year tops.           as for toronto , so they nabbed aging free agent hedo , so what!!!      that still doesnt take care of that teams problems on the defensive end.      more proof that these so called “experts”  read from cue cards and watch  little if any real basketball.

    • Oct 8, 20094:03 pm
      by Noe


      Are you serious? Do you watch any basketball??
      This is the same Pistons club that barely made the playoffs last year. They haven’t made any significant improvements (B. Gordon creates the same issue as last yr with AI, namely, there are only so many minutes at the 2 to be played and Villenueva scores more but rebounds and plays worse D than Sheed).
      Take note of what Arenas did this offseason that he did not in past years (namely work with the best trainier in all of basketball, Tim Grover). You may have a point with Toronto, but I suspect that the slow start and mid-season coaching change had as much to do with their decline last year as anything (they were the 4 seed a year earlier).
      Good luck to y’all but I think Detroit is back in the lottery and hopefully this time they won’t repeatthe Darko over Melo mistake…

      • Oct 9, 200912:46 am
        by john


        As much as I don’t want to agree with you, you’re right.  If this season is going to be anything of worth, Hamilton has to be dealt, Bynum needs to start, and Kwame needs to show up big time.

      • Oct 11, 200911:17 pm
        by Dan Feldman


        Noe, losing AI is addition by subtraction. So, is losing Michael Curry. Losing Rasheed Wallace might even be, too.

        And Gordon is a plus. The main difference between him and AI: Richard Hamilton wants this to work. I never got the impression he felt that way with AI.

      • Oct 12, 200912:58 am
        by bob


        Your a fucking moron if you think the Pistons are anywhere near the same as last year.
        Do you even watch basketball? Rasheed hardly even played last year and when he did, he didn’t even try.
        Big Difference between Allen Iverson and Ben Gordon: Ben Gordon can SHOOT.
        Your in for a huge surprise this year if you think the Pistons are gonna be in the lottery.
        This team has the potential to be one of the best offensive teams in the league.

    • Oct 11, 200911:15 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Shawn, I can see the Wizards. They have so much talent.

      But I don’t think the Raptors will be better than Detroit. You’re right. Hedo’s signing is probably the most overrated of the offseason.

  • Oct 9, 20093:02 am
    by Chicago Fan


    Gordon always talks(or should I say mumbles) a good game, if total bullshit is your game. Gordon will be our payback for Ben Wallace, one big ben bum for another.

    • Oct 11, 200910:34 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Chicago Fan, I think Gordon was under-appreciated with the Bulls. He delivered the numbers of a franchise player, and he did it efficiently.

      He’s 26. Ben Wallace was 31 when he signed with Chicago. I don’t think this will be the payback you’re looking for.

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