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Tuesday Trivia: No. 1 draft picks

The feedback for last week’s trivia was overwhelmingly positive. So, I’ve decided to make it a weekly feature. The format may vary, but here’s another sporcle quiz.

Start the timer right away. Don’t look up answers. And post your results in the comments.

Can you name the #1 NBA Draft Picks (1968-present)?


My score: 36/42

I’m pretty proud of how I did on this one. Most of the answers I missed were tough. But there was one that just left me kicking myself.

Can you beat a 36?


  • Sep 29, 20097:54 am
    by Jonathan


    Bah!  36 also.
    Joe Barry Carrol, we hardly knew thee.

  • Sep 29, 200910:55 am
    by Scott


    I got 37, but I should only get credit for 36–when I typed in “martin” for kenyon martin, it filled in larue martin as well.  I probably wouldn’t have gotten that one otherwise.

  • Sep 29, 200912:21 pm
    by Graham Simmington


    I really hope there are other people taking these quizzes who are just too embarassed to post their scores, because otherwise it looks like I’m the only one really struggling with these…only 19 points this go-round, but at least I did get Bob Lanier. 

  • Sep 29, 20091:54 pm
    by Dan Feldman


    Scott, that counts. Congrats. My score was also bumped by the second Martin.

  • Sep 29, 20092:12 pm
    by Dan Feldman


    Graham, I’m impressed you got Lanier.

  • Sep 29, 20092:12 pm
    by Dan Feldman


    The one that I missed that bugs me was Doug Collins. I saw Illinois State, and knew I should know.

  • Sep 30, 20098:41 pm
    by tony baloniez


    damn you kandi man!  im guessing thats the one you are in agony over…

  • Sep 30, 200911:13 pm
    by Packey


    I’m VERY impressed by 36.  I’m just 24 so I didn’t get much in the 70s aside from the fairly obvious (for a basketball fan). I wound up with 32 (33 if you count the 2nd Martin gimme).  I’ll also admit to playing a little game of guess and check with a few of them.

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