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A little bit of NBA trivia

Zach Lowe of Celtics Hub linked a quiz on sporcle yesterday about each NBA team’s leader in 3-pointers. After taking it, I realized the site had several more NBA-related quizzes.

Ten quizzes later, here are my scores. Yes, they’re very low. You should beat them.

I want to hear how you do in the comments.

Of course, we’re on the honor system. Don’t think about the question until you start the clock. Don’ look up answers. And, obviously, post your real scores.

Can you name the NBA Teams’ 3-point leaders?


My score: 17/30

Can you name the players who have won both an NCAA title and an NBA Title?


My score: 15/35

Can you name the colleges that have produced the most players to the NBA via the NBA Draft?


My score: 21/30

Can you name the players who went from High School/Prep School Straight to the NBA?


My score: 21/30

Can you name the NBA players with 5000+ free throws made?


My score: 16/27

Can you name the winners of the Maurice Podoloff Trophy (MVP)?


My score: 52/54

Can you name the NBA Teams’ point leaders?


My score: 25/30

Can you name the NBA Coaches with the most career wins (regular season)?


My score: 10/20

Can you name the Pro and College Teams Larry Brown has Coached?


My score: 12/13

Can you name the players who have made the most NBA All-Star Game Appearances?


My score: 21/26


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  • Sep 23, 20093:25 pm
    by brgulker


    Very, very cool.

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  • Sep 24, 200910:20 am
    by Scott


    that was fun

  • Sep 28, 20093:08 pm
    by Dan Feldman


    Scott and brgulker, what were your scores? I’m afraid to ask, but did you beat me on most of them?

  • Sep 28, 20095:34 pm
    by Graham Simmington


    Taking these quizzes just confirms why Dan does the writing and I do the nerd work:

    3-point leaders - 14/30 – Somehow I missed Jason Kidd?!?
    NCAA and NBA Title – 7/35 – Awful. Just awful.
    NBA Feeder Schools – 19/30 – Embarassed at missing quite a few.
    High School to NBA – 9/30 – Three of these points came on a “Smith” guess. After correctly guessing Kwame Brown and beginning to run out of time, I frantically started guessing colors and came up with Gerald Green. Unfortunately no one fit this category named “Magenta” or “Puce.”
    5000+ Free Throws – 14/27
    Podoloff Winners - 40/54 – Why couldn’t I remember to guess Bill Russell for all of these?
    Teams’ Point Leaders - 17/30 – Actually 16, but that’s because I can’t spell “Olajuwon,” so I’m taking the point myself.
    Winningest Coaches - 7/20 – Not surprised at all with this result.
    Larry Brown’s Teams - 10/13 – Remembering his connection to Sheed, I must have guessed at least 8 variations of UNC, but definitely not the Cougars.
    All-Star Appearances - 20/26 – I also got Patrick Ewing and Allen Iverson to show up at the end of the list, but they weren’t worth any points.

    I figured if I were to beat Dan on just one quiz, it would have been a success.  I’m taking a half-point for each additional answer on the last quiz, so I’ll say we tied at 21, no matter how arbitrary or untrue that statement may be.

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