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Pistons to sign Ben Wallace

Ben Wallace will sign a one year, $1.3 million contract with the Pistons next week, according to Chris McCosky of the Detroit News.

Unlike most Pistons bloggers, I love this move. I’m busy with work, but I’ll have more analysis on the signing today.


  • Aug 7, 20095:20 pm
    by brady


    i like it, but I don’t love it.  I love Big Ben and since it is for only a year it is worth a shot.  Maybe being back in the motor city will get Ben back on track.

  • Aug 7, 20095:42 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    Great move. Ben was actually pretty effective in Cleveland. Not worth the $16 million a year he was making, but definitely a great value for the vet’s minimum, and certainly nowhere near “washed up” as I’ve seen some people saying today.

  • Aug 7, 20096:45 pm
    by Maurice


    I think its a great move. He brings defense the pistons need and veteran experience that the pistons are lacking.

  • Aug 7, 200911:30 pm
    by Jay Jones


    Anybody is better then K.Brown,So now all they have to do is drop Wilcox at that 5 slot let Big Ben back him up and roll 2 the playoffs.

  • Aug 8, 200911:30 pm
    by Vlad


    Welcomeback home Mr. Fro. So Cavs and Bulls you have to fear the fro again.  I so happy because I’m the greatest fan of Pistons, outside US. Good Night from México

  • Aug 9, 20091:42 am
    by common sense


    Bens Been done… i honestly dont kno what the pistons plan is i am completly baffled… I always thought the general plan was to place your team in position to win… i hope next years draft class is strong because were looking at a lottery pick people… smh

  • Aug 9, 200911:17 pm
    by toasterhands


    Joe wants to sell more TIX.  It’s working.

  • Aug 10, 20099:22 pm
    by The Rake


    This is an incredibly pleasing move.  Love Ben from his days of old.  Who else are you going to get for 1.3 that would be better?  A nice move to not only help with tix, but also give a solid vet presence on a young team. Good locker room guy.  I hope he gets his old number back, Stuckey has never been worthy of that # IMO.  I am surprised more hasn’t been written about this move througout the blogosphere, it really is such a feel good story.
    The Rake

  • Aug 10, 200911:57 pm
    by Teeman


    Hey, I like the move to have Ben back, true he has lost some of his game but he is a proven player and his presence in the locker room will help the young guys now the Joe needs another player but this helps. Let’s Go Pistons

  • Aug 11, 200912:13 pm
    by viol8er


    its a good move for the pistons who def lack some inside defensive presence, although i bet signing with the bulls for a little more money and now he back here anyway where he could have been the whole time playing a role….must be kicking himself lol

  • Aug 25, 20099:42 am
    by awesome1221


    i Think ben will do a little better in Detroit then on cleveland or chicago he is a 4x Defensive player of the year, and won a championship with detroit . Cant wait going to opening night for the pistons

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