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Pistons release schedule, don’t have much national exposure

The Pistons have release their 2009-10 schedule.

Fox Sports Detroit and not much else

Detroit’s profile is definitely lower than in recent years.

The Pistons don’t play on national television (not including NBATV) until a Dec. 9 game at Philadelphia is on ESPN.

Detroit has just four games on ESPN, one on TNT and none ABC. Here’s the complete national slate:

Dec. 9: at 76ers, 7 p.m., ESPN

Dec. 10: vs. Nuggets , TNT

March 5: at Cavaliers 7 p.m. ESPN

March 15: at Celtics, 8 p.m., ESPN

March 21: at Cavaliers, 8 p.m. ESPN

Case of the Sundays

The Pistons have 12 Sunday games this season. Detroit struggled in Sunday games last year, which Joe Dumars later attributed to late Saturday nights.

We’ll have 12 good chances to see if this new group has a better attitude.

Key stretch

Detroit’s first home stand or road trip longer than two games begins Nov. 17 – at the Lakers, Trail Blazers, Jazz and Suns in six days.

That will be a tough run for a team that will likely still be trying to find its identity.


The Pistons have 23 sets of back-to-backs, but that doesn’t worry me much.

Without Antonio McDyess and Rasheed Wallace, fatigue shouldn’t be as much of a factor this season.

Final thoughts

I’m not sure how good the Pistons will be next year, but they’re not going to look as good nationally.

People pay attention to the beginning of the year (when Detroit has 9 of its first 14 games on the road), end of the year (five of seven on the road) and national games (four of five on the road).

Detroit has to stay solid between its tough high-profile games.


  • Aug 4, 20093:17 pm
    by Byron


    How do these numbers compare to the rest of the league?  What is the average number of back-to-backs?  The average number of Sunday games?  And, unmentioned, the number of three-games-in-four-nights?

  • Aug 4, 20097:44 pm
    by Scott


    I have been reading detroitbadboys.com for probably a year and a half or so…this is the first time that I have stumbled upon your site (via link at espn’s truehoop)

    you are doing good work–I will keep checking back.

  • Aug 4, 20098:09 pm
    by Dan Feldman



    Here’s some info on back-to-backs from TrueHoop. The Pistons are tied with the Bulls and Bobcats for most in the league.

    Detroit went 4-12 in Sunday games last year.

  • Aug 4, 20098:10 pm
    by Dan Feldman


    Thanks, Scott.

  • Aug 6, 20092:07 am
    by moe


    look the pistons have a good team i do not know why most people think that the pistons are a bad team.

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