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Jeremy Pargo won’t be Pistons’ third point guard

Jeremy Pargo has signed with Hapoel Gilboa/Galil Elyon. (Hat tip: Ballin Europe).

Pargo put up some decent number in the summer league as late addition to the Pistons’ roster.

Sean Singletary and Andre Owens are now the frontrunners to become Detroit’s third point guard.


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  • Aug 10, 20096:20 pm
    by BlueBizzles


    Just trade Kwame Brown to NJ Nets for Rafer Alston. Nets could use another big backup presence and Rafer Alston has proven that he can step up when needed. Especially during the playoffs.


  • Aug 14, 20092:26 am
    by Poop_stick


    Can we trade the new coach for Billy Lamb? He did a great job with the shock over the last few years. Everyone said that noone on the teams was listening to Curry last season. Let’s see them try to walk all over the orignal Bad Boy. I dont think so.

  • Aug 15, 20091:38 am
    by Dan Feldman



    I think the Pistons are set at point guard. It’s probably not worth sacrificing a center, where they’re already thin.

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