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Deron Washington signs, gets BIG recognition

Unsurprisingly, Deron Washington has become the fourth rookie to sign with the Pistons, according to A. Sherrod Blakely of MLive. He has a two-year deal with a team option for 2010-11.

Washington also will be featured in a giant picture at Virginia Tech’s new practice facility (Hat tip: Deadspin). Or maybe, Greg Paulus is featured. Either way, Washington is in it.


  • Aug 10, 20099:23 pm
    by The Rake


    I personally don’t think he showed enough to make the squad.  Especially on a 2-year deal.  Can’t say I am huge fan of this, since he is absolutely inept offensively.
    The Rake

  • Aug 10, 200911:04 pm
    by toasterhands


    Nice find.  Anything that degrades Paulus is pretty sweet.

  • Aug 14, 20092:23 am
    by Poop_stick


    I dont care if they sign my grandma. They just better start winning again. It was a sad sight last season. I never did like A.I.

  • Aug 15, 20091:34 am
    by Dan Feldman


    The Rake,

    The second years is the Pistons’ option, so it’s to their advantage.

  • Aug 25, 20098:55 pm
    by curt


    that’s really sad somebody who has never coach and can’t play basketball  and always trying to down someone else ‘s game the man is trying why don’t some of you great basket ball players try out for the piston and take his spot let us see what you all can do to help the piston you all act like your sibning the check becuase the man got a 2 year deal he’s going to hurt the team grow up

  • Aug 29, 20094:03 pm
    by J Lay


    I think Deron Washington will be a spot minute type player this year. For key possessions where we need stops and hes got crazy hops hence the billboard, he will get the fans into games with his put back slams. Washington is not a great player but little things like getting the fans involved and making nba shooters shoot 16 foot jumpers instead of 12 foot jumpers is going to be huge. Love the signing.

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