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Updated Odds on the Pistons’ next coach

Doug Collins has removed his name from consideration, according to Marc Stein of ESPN.

Avery Johnson: 85 percent

From Stein:

That would appear to leave an unobstructed path to the job for ex-Dallas Mavericks coach Avery Johnson, who just completed his first season in TV as an analyst for ESPN.

Sources close to the situation told ESPN that Johnson had his first substantive discussion with Dumars about the position earlier Wednesday.

John Kuester: 8 percent

Nothing has changed since the previous odds. He still has no NBA head-coaching experience.

Bill Laimbeer: 6 percent

Would he make sense as an assistant under Johnson?

Other: 1 percent

No names besides the aforementioned have surfaced.


  • Jul 2, 20094:10 pm
    by dennis marcum


    I think Joe dumars should go after Chris bosh to. I also think Ben gordon should start he is makeing to much money to come off the bench and he is to good to. i think that joe dumars should be the coach the players love and respect you and they will listen to you to

    • Jul 5, 20092:51 am
      by Dan Feldman


      Rip is making more than Gordon. In all likelihood, one of them will have to come off the bench if both are on the team when the season begins.

      Hamilton was upset with coming off the bench last year. Gordon has shown a willingness to be a reserve.

      Hamilton starts.

  • Jul 2, 20099:49 pm
    by J@y Sw@G


    Best Of luck to Ben Gordan but Why Leave The Bulls.

  • Jul 3, 20098:05 pm
    by dave


    jeff van gundy?

    • Jul 5, 20093:49 am
      by Dan Feldman


      I haven’t seen his name really come up. But if it’s not Avery Johnson, Van Gundy should at least get some consideration.

  • Jul 5, 200911:55 pm
    by Eric


    They Should just get rid of stucky now and have gordon run it he showed he could do that with the boston series last year

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