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Pistons trade Arron Afflalo and Walter Sharpe

The Pistons have traded Arron Afflalo and Walter Sharpe to the Nuggets for a future second-round pick, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.

It would have been nice to pick up a first rounder, but I like this deal.  Detroit has a crowd at shooting guard and small forward, so Afflalo wouldn’t have seen many minutes. And Sharpe didn’t show enough to give indication he can be a player in this league.

Here’s how the salary chart looks now:

Player 2009/10 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14
Richard Hamilton $11,625,000 $12,650,000 $12,650,000 $12,650,000 $0
Tayshaun Prince $10,324,380 $11,148,760 $0 $0 $0
Ben Gordon $9,000,000 $9,720,000 $10,440,000 $11,160,000 $11,880,000
Charlie Villanueva $6,000,000 $6,500,000 $7,000,000 $7,500,000 $8,000,000
Jason Maxiell $5,000,000 $5,000,000 $5,000,000 $5,000,000 $0
Kwame Brown $4,100,000 $0 $0 $0 $0
Rodney Stuckey $1,805,040 $2,767,126 $3,868,442 $0 $0
Fabricio Oberto $1,800,000 $0 $0 $0 $0
Austin Daye $1,398,200 $1,503,100 $1,875,500 $2,875,142 $4,019,448
Will Bynum $825,497 $0 $0 $0 $0
TOTALS: $51,878,117 $49,288,986 $40,833,942 $39,185,142 $23,899,448


The Pistons also have two roster charges of $457,588 because they have few than 12 players. I’m not sure if each disappears as the team acquires a player or if it’s after the player acquired. But for now, Detroit’s total cap number is $52,793,293.

The salary cap is set at $57.7 million, so the Pistons have $4,906,077 in cap room.


  • Jul 13, 20091:43 pm
    by Byron Hauck


    Why does it seem like we’re clearing a tiny bit of space this year to give a long term contract to a mediocre player instead of clearing a ton of space long term to acquire an All Star for one year? Are we a Glen Davis away from 60 wins and the conference finals?

  • Jul 14, 20091:17 am
    by MPM


    I’ve heard Tyson Chandler’s salary is about 8 mil, and the Hornets are looking to shed salary space, sooo… lets do the sensible thing and trade Kwame Brown for him (or, heck, if they want Maxiell they can have him, we have so many solid combo forwards now).

  • Jul 14, 20099:42 pm
    by Jay


    I still think the Piston’s need to trade Prince and Maxiell for Amare Stoudemire on a four to five year contract. That would settle the center issue. I think that Phoneix would love to get Prince and they could work a three way trade with Maxiell. They also should get Drew Gooden for two years. With the addition of our other Forward rookie studs this team would be two to three seasons from the finals.

  • Jul 15, 20091:15 am
    by Omar


    In order to contend in the East this year the Pistons need to get a legit NBA center by the beginning of the season. Tyson Chandler would be a great fit if we could get him and someone else for Rip and have a starting 5ive if Stuckey, Gordon, Tayshaun, Vilanueva, and Chandler, and to have Kwame Brown as our back up center. Will Bynum, Jason Maxiell, and Kwame would provide a solid bench and give the Pistons a great shot of making a deep run into the 2010 Playoffs.

  • Jul 15, 20096:17 pm
    by John


    I would like to see the Pistons get either Chandler or Kaman to pair with Villanueva and a bargain signing like Wilcox, Diogu or someone of that ilk up front (I assume it will cost both Brown and Maxiell to make a deal).

    Chandler makes almost $12 million, so the numbers don’t work unless BOTH Brown and Maxiell are included in a deal — a third team probably would be needed to absorb one of the contracts (most likely, Maxiell’s). It’s too bad the Pistons didn’t just keep Oberto — they could have dealt his entire $3.5 million expiring contract; now, the remaining $1.8 post-buyout obligation sits on their cap as dead money for the next year.

    Also, there is no way the Suns would deal Stoudamire for Prince and Maxiell — just an unrealistic scenario.

  • Jul 15, 20098:34 pm
    by SuperJay


    This Pistons need a quality center. And they need to trade Rip to get one. They have to keep Prince because other than Maxiell, he’s the only Piston who plays D. Rip would be great in Pho. and to bring in Stoudemire would be great for Detroit. Chandler wouldn’t be a bad deal either.

  • Jul 17, 20092:39 pm
    by mike


    I agree with John 100% first the Chandler would be a masterful scenario but on the other hand they might have to give a litttle more for Chandler or Kaman. But in Jay is right to Stoudamire would be a great fit too but John is right the scenario dont make any since we want a stud in Stoudamire we would have to do what SuperJay say and move Rip too which think the scenario of Rip and Prince is perfect with Brown you can land Stoudmire and a good back up to Gordon heck Maxiell or brown and bring in the big baby to back up Villanueva then think about thier starting five then with Stuckey, Gordon, Daye,Villanueva,Stoudmire. Daye can score much as Prince taller than Prince better defender with summers as his back up simmer on that team why wait four years go for it now

  • Jul 18, 20097:26 pm
    by Eugene


    The Pistons need to get a new GM that knows how to select players. They do not have players that attack the basket. They allow too many lay ups by the other team and miss a lot of free throws. Who do they have that can really play center?

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