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Pistons reach deal with Charlie Villanueva

Detroit has agreed to a five-year contract with Charlie Villanueva, according to the Associated Press.

There are some different numbers floating around for his salary.

He can’t officially sign until July 8.


  • Jul 1, 20098:40 pm
    by ray


    This is a good replacement for Sheed!!

  • Jul 1, 20099:23 pm
    by shawn brown


    well im happy but i would ve been happier if we had made a play for david lee but with the signing of gordon maybe rip goes on the block

    • Jul 5, 20092:42 am
      by Dan Feldman


      I like Lee, too. I don’t really understand why the Pistons showed no interest. Maybe Dumars was worried about signing Lee (or Paul Millsap with the Jazz) and losing Villanueva if he had to wait for the other team to match the offer.

  • Jul 2, 200912:34 am
    by Jay


    Now, that’s all Joe needs to do is find another team for a three team trade to get Stoudemire. In the trade Detroit would give up Hamilton, Maxiell and a first round draft choice. However, Joe would need at least a four year contract with Stoudemire to pull the trigger.

    • Jul 5, 20092:49 am
      by Dan Feldman


      I’m not sure that would be enough to get Stoudemire. I don’t think Maxiell has much trade value at this point.

  • Jul 2, 20099:14 pm
    by Eric


    Good deal, Charlie V. numbers go up every year.

  • Jan 29, 201411:50 am
    by Chris


    It’s funny reading these posts from 5 years ago.  Charlie V’s contract has turned out to be one of the worst contracts, not only in Pistons history, but probably Detroit sports history.  It  continues to cripple this franchise.

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