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Odds on the next coach: Avery Johnson is out, Kuester likely in

UPDATE: The Pistons are close to reaching a deal with John Kuester, according to Marc Stein of ESPN.com.

Joe Dumars says Avery Johnson is no longer being considered, according to Chris McCosky of the Detroit News.

John Kuester: 90 percent

Kuester is next in line after Johnson, according to Stein. It’s hard to see him passing on the job.

Tom Thibodeau: 9 percent

Dumars said Thibodeau or Kuester will probably be the next coach, according to McCosky.

Other: 1 percent

If Kuester and Thibodeau are really the top choices, it’s hard to see one of them not getting the job.


  • Jul 7, 20091:44 pm
    by Tony


    Rudy Tomjanovich for head coach 1!!

  • Jul 7, 20093:26 pm
    by travis


    Yeah, lets get the guy who helped direct the offense that featured Lebron. And without Lebron would have been the worst offense in the league. Maybe the Pistons will trade….. Austin Daye straight up for James. Or not.
    Cut to the chase and hire Laimbeer already. He’s more qualified than anyone else. Hell, hire him to replace Joe D as GM.

  • Jun 14, 201312:35 am
    by Joey


    should’ve hired Tom thibodeau

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