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BREAKING NEWS: John Kuester is Pistons’ new coach

Kuester has agreed to a three-year contract (with the third year unguaranteed), according to Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated.


  • Jul 7, 20099:17 pm
    by SPS


    Joe should not choose a coach of no different disposition than the fired coach. He can take an assistant till he can find an experienced coach. In case of urgency he can himself resume the head coach job, temporarily; otherwise, he will end up not getting a quality player to be contender any soon.

  • Jul 9, 20092:50 am
    by True Pistons Fan


    Hey with the record “the lebrons” had last season compared to detroit’s slip into the playoffs I’d take anyone that has anything to do with the cavs from the towel boy to the stadium sound team! I dont know too much about him but I know the best coach in the league may be Larry Brown and i think his “pupil” so to speak should know enough to at least get us back into the 54 wins I’ve gotten used to.

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