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Wallace up, Wallace down


A. Sherrod  Blakely of Booth Newspapers makes an astute point. Dwight Howard’s dominance could increase Rasheed Wallace’s value this summer.

Wallace does an excellent job of defending Howard by himself. As the Orlando-Cleveland series showed, doubling Howard leaves the Magic’s shooters open and means disaster for their oppoents. Sheed is the key reason Detroit is 7-1 in its last eight games against Orlando.

Contenders are the only teams that would be concerned with stopping just one player, and contenders are usually over the salary cap. So, the Pistons could benefit from a sign and trade.


On the other hand, Ben Wallace’s career could be coming to an end, according to Chris Broussard of ESPN.com.

Wallace has been hampered by injuries, and he came off the bench in his last 17 games (including all 14 in the playoffs). He still has one season and $14 million left on his contract.

When Wallace left the Pistons for the Bulls, Chicago’s larger contract offer certainly served as the key reason. But I don’t think it was just about earning more money. I think Ben was insulted the Pistons didn’t offer more.

Wallace is very prideful, and I could see him hanging ‘em up if he’s not proud of how he can play.


The Cavaliers would seem most likely to want a Dwight Howard stopper. If Rasheed Wallace commands more than the mid-level exception, would Detroit sign and trade him for Ben Wallace and a first-round pick or two?

If the Pistons end up shooting for the class of 2010, this wouldn’t hurt their cap room. Ben could help develop a winning atmosphere. And a couple extra first rounders is much more than Detroit could have expected to get for Sheed.


  • Jun 4, 20099:44 am
    by Zeiram


    I would love that trade, giving Big Ben the opportunity to retire in Detroit would be great. But I am not sure it will happen.

  • Jun 4, 20095:37 pm
    by B-City


    when big ben left detroit, he became a stuck up douchebag, demanding more money just like rasheeds bum ass. why would you want big ben in the D for 14 million? hes old, dead legged, and had a foul mouth to the press… let that bum go out in cleveland where he belongs

  • Jun 4, 20096:29 pm
    by Greg Clary


    I don’t think that Ben will help the Pistons at all but if you can get something for him you have to do it. I know Joe can make the right decision for the pistons

  • Jun 5, 20092:52 pm
    by lindzor


    Ben Wallace left; we’re over it. Getting a player who’s past their prime is not something Detroit needs for next season.

  • Jun 5, 20092:55 pm
    by mike


    isnt rasheed an unrestricted free agent? can you do sign and trades with an unrestricted free agent? i thought those were only with restricted free agents.

    • Jun 6, 20092:52 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      A sign and trade can be made with any of a team’s own free agents, as long as an exception (such as the mid-level) isn’t used.

  • Jun 5, 20095:59 pm
    by Rall


    LoL, As a well informed Cavs fan i can guarantee you there is a 0% chance that Danny Ferry (the man who essentially acquired Mo Williams for Damon Jones) would trade Big Ben for Sheed straight up. They (hopefully)have big plans for Ben’s expiring contract and they would probably rather hold on to the extra cash than make a trade for a dying player they could probably sign with the MLE if they really wanted to. The is a -100% chance (because 0% makes it sound far too likely) that the cavs would trade a first round pick for Sheed much less more than one lol. Nice try though.

    • Jun 6, 20093:12 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      I think Sheed is worth more than a pick in the late 20s, especially for a team trying to win now.

    • Jun 6, 20093:37 pm
      by Cyrus


      lol, just like danny ferry had grand plans for wally sczerbiak’s contract — oh, wait

  • Jun 5, 20097:32 pm
    by Zionist


    forget ben wallace. that man is a joke. an infidel of the worst nature. whoever ends this man’s suffering will be served by allah, bless him.

    certainly, ben wallace is the the least impressive, least skilled, least player in the nba. he’s a thug, and an old one at that.

  • Jun 7, 20092:58 pm
    by AD


    some of you guys are harsh on Ben. But I do agree that Ben wallace doesn’t have any value to play in det. I am curious on what the piston would do this summer on the draft and the players that they will sign.

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