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Rumors that aren’t true

Sheed negotiating with the Cavs

Rasheed Wallace is negotiating a two-year contract worth about $20 million with the Cavaliers, according to J. Gamble of Slam. (Hat tip: Need4Sheed)

Gamble also “reported” Wallace will retire if he doesn’t make $8 million next year.

The final line from the latest “report:”

If this signing falls through, I’m hearing that Cleveland may do a sign and trade with the Clippers for Zach Randolph, which certainly makes sense for the Clippers since they are taking Blake Griffin No. 1 overall.


Why it’s not true: Teams can’t begin negotiating with free agents until July 1, according to Larry Coon’s salary cap FAQ. As the Joe Smith situation showed, secret negotiations probably aren’t worth the risk. I doubt Cleveland is this stupid.

Other things Cleveland is probably smarter than: giving Wallace $20 million for two years and trading for Zach Randolph (which almost certainly wouldn’t be a sign and trade).

Amir Johnson and 15 for nothing

The Pistons would like to offer Oklahoma City the 15th pick to take Amir Johnson, according to Draft Express. (Hat tip: Full Court Press)

Johnson will make $3.67 million next season, the last year of his contract. And the 15th pick will make about $1.4 million next year.

Why it’s not true: $5 million in cap room is not as valuable as a young, athletic forward who has a low-paying expiring contract and the 15th pick. You don’t just give away two positive assets and get nothing in return.

Carlos Boozer will be a Piston or Net

Boozer is telling people he will be in Detroit or New Jersey next year, according to Peter Vecsey of the New York Post.

Obviously, the deal with New Jersey would have to be a sign and trade.

Why it’s not true: The Piston part is possible, but the New Jersey info ruins Vecsey’s credibility.

What do the Nets have to offer in a sign and trade? Bobby Simmons’s expiring contract and draft picks? OK, that makes some (albeit, very little) sense. That would put Utah over the luxury tax and its probably a no-go with the Nets.

But as Vecsey writes next:

Word has it Jersey will have but three assistants next season and all must take pay cuts.

That doesn’t sound like a team looking to add Boozer’s salary.


  • Jun 6, 20094:10 am
    by Scott


    By trading the Amir and the #15 draft pick, Joe is getting more cap space in return, to sign another top free agent this summer.

  • Jun 6, 200911:45 am
    by Mike


    Amir Johnson is in Curry’s dog house.

    Why spend $3.7 million for a guy to bring donuts to practice and sit on the end of the bench.

    The Pistons will lose him in 2010 if they don’t trade him this summer.

    No way in hell that Johnson will ever sign another contract with the Pistons, and I can’t say that I blame him the way that they have treated him. Even worse than Darko, because Johnson has a lot more talent than Darko but they both have been treated like Sheet by the Pistons organization.

    Johnson made a big mistake in not takaing Pop’s offer in 2007 and resigning with Pistons. He won’t make the same mistake again.

    • Jun 6, 20092:47 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Johnson was the 56th pick in the draft. The Pistons don’t really owe him anything. In all likelihood, he’s not good enough to have a lengthy NBA career.

      But he’s shown enough that I wouldn’t give him away. And I especially wouldn’t give away a pick just so another team will take him.

      • Jun 8, 20095:52 pm
        by Mike


        You are right they only owe him another $3.6 million which by Obama’s atandards of trillions of debt ain’t nothing to owe.

        They have treated him like Sheet and they should trade him.

        You don’t play a guy 12 minutes a game and only pass him the ball maybe 2 times on most nights in those 12 minutes, when he shoots 60% from the field, your highest FG% shooter and 45% from outside the restricted area when which was second best on your team.

        You also don’t play a guy ony 10 – 12 a game the last 2 years when his on court production (82games.com) was the 3rd highest on the team in 2007-08 and the first highest in 2008-09

        When you got talent and show it you deserve to be on the court for the good of the fans and team.

        Curry is a MFI.

        Trade Johnson now.

  • Jun 6, 20098:32 pm
    by quincy


    we need helppppppppppppppppp? go get lebron james!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jun 6, 20098:33 pm
    by quincy


    get rid of rasheed wallace!!!!!!!!!!!! and allen iverson!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jun 7, 20098:32 pm
    by Scott


    Amir’s trade value would only be as high as a 2nd round draft pick.

  • Jun 9, 20093:14 am
    by greg


    Hey Mike, did you watch any Piston games this season or last? Amir will never be able to play more than 10-12 minutes for any team because he’s a fouling machine and lacks even the most basic of offensive moves.The Pistons have paid way to much cash to a guy who refuses to improve.

  • Jun 10, 20092:29 am
    by chris


    Ive gotta admit I was high on Amir when we drafted him outta of Weschester High in Cali, after he won his states Mr Basketball. But he definitely has not lived up to the hype. i say we keep him for another year or 2 try 2 improve on him. But Tayshaun has 2 go. We can draft Daye, thn trade Tay to move up in the ladder half of the draft where there is definitely to have Hansbrough sitting there. He is a Mark Madsen with an offensive game, and can shoot free throws. He reminds me of Laimbeer. What we dont need is Boozer. Joe said we need a difference maker and Boozer dosent fit that mold. Save that money 4 next year. We either trade Tay 4 a draft pick, or pull of the old trade 4 an expiring contract joe is famous for. That would allow us to get 2 very talented players next year.

  • Jun 10, 20092:39 am
    by chris


    And that would leave our team looking like this next year….. 1. Stuckey 2.Hamilton 3.Daye 4. Hansburough
    5.Kwame brown/ Amir
    Granted we will have another possible losing season, but Hansborough and Daye will have a chance to mature and be better next year. Then we sign Bosh and Lebron and our team looks like this in 2011
    1.Stuckey 2.Hamilton 3.Lebron 4.Hansborough 5.Bosh
    And that ladies in gentleman is the start of a dynasty!

  • Jun 12, 20099:49 am
    by ZO


    Mr. Dumars has looked for positional players instead of talent for years in the draft now. Pick the best available player at 15 regardless of position (AND PLEASE DEVELOP THE KID WITH QUALITY PLAYING TIME). Then Mr. Dumars can use what CHRIS mentioned in his reply and that’s trade away some current players (EITHER TAYSHAWN OR RIP) for IMPACT PLAYERS with expiring contracts. You not only develop the players that you’ve just drafted, but you add veteran players who are hungery and competing for a contract extension. Thus setting Mr. D up for major cap space to land a heavy hitter in 2010. And the player will come not just because of the money, but because the Pistons positioned themselves for winning (TILES).

  • Jun 15, 20092:24 am
    by Boozer


    yes my last name is actually boozer as well, but i disagree with chris saying boozer would not help our team. I think he would be a lot better of a player than sheed ever has been for us. Sheed def needs to go, tay and rip id like to stay because thats part of the name of the pistons just like chauncey was and that was our biggest mistake as we all know this year a.k.a. bringin allen to our team was the mistake we got in return even though i was a fan of allen before he became a piston. Boozer would be a good down low player that isnt as much money as some of the other players you might be hoping for. come 2010 we are def going to get a big player with a couple good names being out there anyways but not so sure bout the lebron rumors. Bosh is a good possibility and hope though. GO Pistons!

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