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Mixed signals on Bill Laimbeer’s NBA coaching chances


Michael Rosenberg of the Detroit Free Press:

Laimbeer has it backward. He thinks the NBA won’t hire him because he has been coaching women. In fact, he has been coaching women because the NBA won’t hire him.

Why won’t anybody in the NBA hire him? Well, Laimbeer has been trying to answer that question for years. He sees himself as a potential NBA head coach but can’t even get a job as an assistant. He took the Shock job only to show the NBA he can coach. (And there is nothing wrong with that, by the way.)

He won three championships with the Shock. Yet no NBA team will touch him. And still Bill Laimbeer is searching for answers.

Rosenberg is probably the most plugged-in writer in the area. But he doesn’t mention any front-office sources or any of the like. This column seems more speculative than investigative. (And that’s not to fault Rosenberg. He obviously has talked to enough people to formulate his opinion. I’m just not ready to completely close the book on Laimbeer’s NBA coaching career just based on the column).

It’s definitely true: Laimbeer didn’t make many friends during his playing days. But it just takes one team to want to hire him.


From Kevin Love’s Twitter:

Today is a sad day…Kevin McHale will NOT be back as head coach next season.

As speculated before, Minnesota could be Laimbeer’s destination.


  • Jun 22, 200912:31 am
    by Jon Martin


    Laimbeer was the embodiment of a team player. He was a basketball player with above average skills who through hard work, team first attitude, and drive was an excellent player. Opposing teams did not like him because he was tough. You did not see Laimbeer trading kisses at the jump circle with opposing players. He supported his team, played the role ask of him, and helped Detroit win championships.

    If Joe Dumars had a guy or 2 like Laimbeer on his team he would not have to watch the current daisies float out of the way as Lebron steamed down the middle of the lane for easy baskets.

    I think an owner and a GM could expect similar toughness of Laimbeer as a coach, which likely would bring wins, EG. the Shock’s 3 championships.

    It’s possible though that Laimbeer is somehow blacklisted. The NBA is becoming a little predictable and maybe that is by design. Laimbeer may upset the apple cart.

  • Jun 23, 20092:14 pm
    by adam hudson


    Michael Curry former player no coaching experience takes a team that made the eastern conference finals six times in a row and brings to a sub. 500 record in his first year. Bill Laimbeer in is first year as the coach of the shock took them from the worst team in he wnba to the wnba champions and has done it three times and has two nba rings a player. the NBA should be beating down his doors to hire him, but it could be the fact that he would and won’t take shit from know one not even kobe or lebron. but that is what this leaguge needs is some one like the coach of the 49er’s you do something stupid that hurts the team get off my field/court. i am tired of seeing these overpaid whiney little boys who cry cause they don’t get their way and then try to get their coach fired. Joe Dumars fall he has done for the pistons should be bagging laimbeer to ocach the pistons it he would have been able to handle the rip iverson thing rasheed aginst bill yea right he would have put all those guys in their place. fire cuury no rings no champions and hire the guy who can get the job done and please no ben gorden or boozer

    • Jun 24, 20091:44 am
      by travis reynolds


      I agree, Bill Laimbeer is the type of coach the Pistons could have for another 10 or 15 years. I think we all know Curry wont last more than two years, considering Joe D loves to fire good coaches after a few years. So i cant expect having a average coach like curry lasting longer. Plus, Laimbeer is always good for a great sound byte.

      and yes Gorden isnt better than Rip and Boozer is just not a good fit. I would rather see Gortat from Orlando and or David Lee. And try to resign Sheed for around 6 or 7 million, not much more. Sheed can still get the job done, and i hate to see that Championship core continue to be destroyed.

  • Jun 24, 200912:35 am
    by mike


    im with u adam

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