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Laimbeer to the Timberwolves?

The Detroit Shock will “will make a major announcement regarding their coaching staff today at 3:00 p.m.” Drew Sharp of the Detroit Free Press broke the news that Laimbeer is resigning.

Then there’s this nugget from Charley Walters of the (HT: Need4Sheed):

A little birdie says former Detroit Pistons star Bill Laimbeer would love the Timberwolves’ head-coaching job.


  • Jun 15, 20091:48 pm
    by L Boogie


    Now that Bill Laimbeer has resigned as coach of the Shock, I would love to see him coach the Pistons. They should fire Curry or add Laim as an assistant coach, then let him take over, what do you think?

    • Jun 15, 20092:27 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      I’d rather have Laimbeer than Curry at this point, too. But it’s pretty unlikely. Dumars said Curry would return (although he said that about Rick Carlisle, too).

      And the 3 p.m. press conference was billed as an announcement about the Shock. I’m assuming Laimbeer has his next job lined up already. If he was going to the Pistons, the release probably would have named the Pistons instead of the Shock. Which do you think would drum up more interest?

  • Jun 15, 20099:41 pm
    by L Fisher


    I would rather have Laimbeer as the head coach. He has more experience as well as more of a history with the pistons. I think that the players would relate to him better as well as listen to what he has to offer about the game. Nobody knows how to get under the skin of opposing players better than Laimbeer. Dumars has a chance to make at least one good decision this year considering everything that has happened as a result of the Billups trade and what that led to.

  • Jun 15, 200910:25 pm
    by Tony


    I’m a fan of Laimbeer. He should definitely be the Pistons head coach.

  • Jun 16, 20099:58 pm
    by Todd


    I will be disappointed if laimbeer is not coaching in Detroit this year. Give Curry a fighting chance at least but, put Bill and maybe Rick on the staff, please.

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