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Kwame Brown won’t opt out

Kwame Brown will be back with the Pistons for $4.1 million next season, according to A. Sherod Blakely of MLive.

I’d rather have the extra cap space, but this isn’t too detrimental for the Pistons. They are lacking on big men, and this isn’t a strong free-agent class for centers. A suitable replacement wouldn’t cost much less.

But as the Amir Johnson trade showed, Joe Dumars is trying to eke out every last bit of cap space he can. So why did Brown have this option in his contract? Was he in such high demand last summer that Dumars couldn’t have signed him to a one-year deal?

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  • Jun 30, 200911:48 pm
    by Pro D


    Smart move getting Brown to stay, after the draft Detroit’s big focus had to be looking for a big man, especially now that Shaq is in Cleveland. Trying to resign Mcdyess should be another top priority for Detroit, considering how well he played last season, when it seemed everyone else seemed to give up on the season. Arotation

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