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Carlos Boozer and Mehmet Okur don’t opt out

Carlos Boozer will remain with the Jazz next season, according to the Associated Press (via Sports Illustrated). He will be paid $12.7 million.

This is good news for the Pistons from my perspective. I didn’t want Boozer, and this should help their chances of getting Mehmet Okur and/or Paul Millsap. (Wouldn’t that be an excellent starting power forward/center combo next year?).

UPDATE: Mehmet Okur isn’t opting out, either.

Hello, Paul Millsap.


  • Jul 1, 200911:29 am
    by MPM


    I think this is good too. What I’d like to see is a trade for Tyson Chandler (probably Rip Hamilton) and signing Villanueva and Ben Gordon. Now THAT would be a frontcourt, Villanueva (6’11″) and Chandler (7’1″)!

  • Jul 5, 20091:57 am
    by Dan Feldman


    You were right on the signing. I think there’s a decent chance Chandler becomes a Piston, but it would probably have to be a three-team trade. Detroit would give up Hamilton or Prince, but I don’t think the Hornets want to take on that salary.

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