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All-name teams

Henry Abbot relayed this question on TrueHoop yesterday:

From Twitter: @sellouttrout asks: “Just curious, if you built a team in which every position was manned with people of the same last name, what last name wins?” I swear I wrote a post about this once. There are many teams with way better depth (Jones, Williams, Smith) but you have to at least consider the notion that DeAndre Jordan could be on the best single-name team ever.

For the all-time team, I’d go with Johnsons:

  • PG- Magic
  • SG- Kevin
  • SF- Dennis
  • PF- Larry
  • C- Gus

And Williamses for current players:

  • PG- Deron
  • SG- Mo
  • SF- Marvin
  • PF- Shelden
  • C- Sean

Who would you take?


  • Jun 19, 200911:26 am
    by PistonsNation.com

    This reminds of a classic old NBA song/montage video featuring all the Johnson’s of the NBA. I can’t seem to find it on YT though.

  • Jun 20, 200912:42 am
    by toasterhands

    Sean and Shelden as the starting front court…ewww. Maybe ok on defense but NO offense. Johnson’s by 30.

  • Jun 24, 20091:59 am
    by es

    how about best number team


    jason kidd – suns
    rip hamilton – pistons
    magic johnson – Lakers
    Julius erving – 76ers
    Shaq o’nrell – Magic

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