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Sheed wants $8 million (and a plane to South America, fully fueled)

From SLAM:

SLAM contributor J. Gamble [making his debut with us next issue] hears from a close personal friend of Rasheed Wallace’s that unless Sheed gets $8 million to play next year, he’s going to retire. If that’s true, we’ve probably seen the last of Sheed in the NBA.

Maybe this is what Wallace thinks now. But my guess is he will play next season and for fewer than $8 million.


  • May 6, 20091:10 pm
    by Graham Simmington


    If so, how long do you think he’s willing to bluff for? If he doesn’t get his $8M, does he hold out into the season, or settle for less money before that?

  • May 7, 20091:27 am
    by toasterhands


    I wouldn’t give him 3 mill.

  • May 8, 200911:19 pm
    by Dan Feldman


    I don’t think it’s necessarily a bluff. My best guess is he hasn’t thought out how much he could get. I think Sheed’s a pretty realistic guy and will find the best offer for him (a combination of money, chance at a ring and a coach he gets along with) — regardless of how far below $8 million that is.

    And $3 million probably doesn’t make sense for the Pistons. It’s better off for both sides to move on. But that would be a heck of a bargain for another team.

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