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Inner workings of the Billups-Iverson trade

Gee, isn’t it fun to keep reading about Chauncey Billups’s unbridled success in Denver?

If you can stomach reading more about the move, Mark Kiszla of The Denver Post wrote a very interesting article detailing how the Billups-Iverson trade developed.

And when Detroit asked if Melo was on the trading block, the Pistons were firmly told: no way.

“When I heard there was some talk about a trade involving Melo for me, I sat down during the summer and talked with (Pistons president) Joe Dumars,” said Billups, who loved his boss like a brother. “We talked about the whole trade situation. I told him: ‘Look, I don’t want to go anywhere. But if I’ve got to go, there’s only one place I want to be: Home. In Denver.’ And I’m sure he took that into consideration.”

The seeds of a blockbuster trade had been sown.


Timothy Varner of 48 Minutes of Hell discussed a few Manu Ginobili trade possibilities, including one with the Pistons.

Manu Ginobili and Fabricio Oberto for Tayshaun Prince and Amir Johnson

The Detroit trade is a little more dicey. Could the Pistons play Hamilton at small forward? In the long run, I don’t think it matters. Prince and Hamilton are part of the old face, and Joe Dumars is currently giving the team a facelift. I’m not sure that either player is in Detroit’s long term plans.  What matters is that Manu Ginobili is the anti-Iverson. If he plays for your team, it gets better. But even more importantly, landing Manu Ginobili would reduce Detroit’s cap by 11 million in 2010, bringing it down to around 20 million. I’m not even sure if that’s legal. And they’d still have Rodney Stuckey and Rip Hamilton. Hello rebuild. With that kind of flexibility, the Pistons could resign Ginobili and two All-Stars in 201o to pair with Rodney Stuckey. In other words, they could become serious contenders in the space of one humid Midwestern afternoon.

I don’t think this deal makes a lot of sense, unless Richard Hamilton is also traded. It’d be a repeat of this year with two shooting guards and not enough room for both.


  • May 18, 20097:41 am
    by Mike


    The Pistons need more size, weight and strength at the SF not less!!!

    Lets look at the 4 finalists this year
    Cavs – Lebron 6’8 – 260-270
    Magic – Heido 6’10 – 220-230
    Nuggets – Anthony 6’8 – 240
    Lakers – Ariza 6’8 – 210-215

    Hamilton 6’7 – 190-195

    Of the four non-Pistons above only Ariza is under 225 and at this point he is a better defender than Prince. He is also asked to be one of the Lakers may scorers so he can focus his energy on defense. However, I don’t think he is strong enough to handle Carmello.

    Small Forwards today all start at 220 and go up from there. Hamilton is just not strong enough to guard the guys that he will need to guard.

    Playing Hamilton at the SF other than in an emergency is just a dumb idea because he is just not big enough nor strong enough. In addition, why would you want to tire out a 30-31 year old Hamilton by having his body get pounded on a nightly basis by guys 30 – 50 lbs heavier than him? You wouldn’t if you were smart.

    I think that the Spurs might be willing to do an Oberto for Johnson trade. Oberto would make a fairly decent backup for Kwame at Center.

    The Spurs were the main competition to sign Johnson two years ago. I imagine that Pop would still be interested in Johnson. He is about 13 years younger than Oberto and would give the Spurs more athleticism and upside than Oberto.

  • May 21, 200912:31 am
    by anthony


    dnt do that trade manu is old and then if u goin 2 trade some1 trade rasheed and maxciel for som1 good that is a center and power forward.tel rodney to work on his jumper over this summer.

  • May 21, 20099:54 am
    by John W. Davis


    Emanuel is the man!

    I would take that trade.

    The only way the Spurs take this deal is if they are fed up with his injury problems.

    Ole Arne Kander would heal that problem!

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  • May 31, 20097:27 pm
    by Dan S


    If the Pistons make a trade involving Tay and Amir look into Amare from Phoenix. I keep hearing his name involving trade. He will be expensive but we have the room. He is a bona fide power forward who can match up great with Dwight Howard of the Magic. The Magic arent as good as they showed against the Cavs but when you have Dwight in your conference you need someone to match up. But before I make any trade I will wait and see how the draft goes. If we can get Hansborough or even Tyreke Evans that is a huge upgrade. Hansborough can score in the NBA. He will be a 20 point and 10 board guy. I think he will be a SF in the NBA so that will allow the Pistons to trade Prince. If Evans is drafted he will have a year or two to back up Hamilton or even Stuckey. I think he will play both guard spots.

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