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Hamilton wanted to be a Piston, even without Billups

In his Chauney Billups feature, Tom Friend of ESPN wrote:

He begins packing at the team hotel, when there’s a knock on the door. It’s Hamilton and Prince, the trio together one last time. They embrace, cry, laugh and reminisce. They call Ben Wallace, a Cavalier now, and put him on speaker phone. Wallace tells them, "I told you how they are." Hamilton is the most affected of all. He has just signed an extension, and he tells Chauncey he wants to be traded now, that if he’d known they were going to trade Chauncey, he never would’ve re-upped in Detroit.

Chris McCosky of the Detroit News offers some clarification:

OK, the truth is, Hamilton hadn’t signed his extension. He’d agreed to it, but the team was on the road. When they got back, Joe Dumars called Hamilton into his office. He held the unsigned contract between his thumbs. He basically told Hamilton, if you are so upset, we can tear this contract up right now. Hamilton signed it.

These excerpts aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. In fact, I’d say they’re probably both true. Hamilton likely told Billups he wanted out immediately after the trade. Then once he had more time to think, he decided to sign the extension.

This jives with a column Michael Rosenberg of the Free Press wrote in December. Via Full Court Press (because it’s no longer available on the Free Press’s site):

And speaking of business: A few weeks ago, Billups said he didn’t think Rip would have signed his three-year contract extension if he had known the trade was coming. Remember, Hamilton signed just days before the deal went down. I asked Hamilton if Billups was right.

"Well, Chaunce … you know what I’m saying, Chaunce …" he said, searching for the right words. "I love the city of Detroit. When I came here from Day 1, this is somewhere that I wanted to retire. When I got the opportunity to play in the playoffs for the first time, got the opportunity to win a championship, I always felt this is where I wanted to be."


  • May 14, 20091:28 pm
    by thewordkeeper


    If Joe D told Rip he would tear up the contract if he was upset, then Rip was put on the spot; almost a catch-22 situation. How could he pass up a multi-million dollar contract extention? However, that doesn’t change the fact that Chauncey was disrespected in the way the trade went down. Dumars knew exactly what he was doing when he offered Rip the extension. Plus Hamilton was hoping he and Billups wouldn’t be seperated. So Denver is in the WCF’s and Rip has a new contract while watching the playoffs at home; a scenario that didn’t have to play out that way.

    • May 14, 20093:10 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Hamilton had his options all laid out for him. If the trade affected him that much, he could have passed on the contract. It was his choice

  • May 14, 20091:52 pm
    by Rock


    Joe announced after the loss to boston that there where no sacred cows here, so they knew that he was going to move someone it just happen to be at the begining of the following season and not in the off season. It has been a ruff season true indeed, however the trade will pay off due to the cap space it provides. Chauncey is playing great in denver, let’s see if his play continues in the confrence finals. Remember it tapered off the three straight years we lost in the confrence finals. (disregarding the lost to boston when he was injured)

    • May 14, 20093:13 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      I’ve been waiting for Chauncey to taper off since the the playoffs started, and it hasn’t happened yet. Could this be the year he holds it together? Although, I thought that every year he was in Detroit.

      • May 15, 200910:27 am
        by Rock


        He may not taper off, it seems he is playing with a chip on his shoulder giving the fact that he knows people critisized him for his performance here late in the playoffs. It would not surprise me one bit to see denver in the finals givng the trouble the lakers are having with the yao-less rockets. If denver does indeed make it to the finals is it fair to ask the question should have Joe Dumars drafted Carmelo Anthony instead of Tayshawn Prince? Having a players like Anthony, Smith, and Jones makes the game a little easier for Chauncey. These are players who can create their own shot of the dribble and get to the basket as well as shoot from the perimeter, a combonation that Tay and Rip could not provide. Now don’t get me wrong that piston team was one hell of a talented group and you can’t ignore their acomplishments, however maybe just maybe having Melo they would have beaten the spurs in 2005, they could have beaten maimi in 2006 and the cavs in 2007. I firmly believe that with Melo they would have won at least three championships during their run. Tayshawn is at his max potential while Melo is geting better. Your thoughts please Mr.Feldman and also where do you think the pistons go from here?

  • May 16, 20091:58 pm
    by True Pistons Fan


    AT the end of the day, THE NBA IS A BUSINESS!!! you cant be a multi-million dollar player complaining about your friend getting traded. its time to be adults and more importantly IT’S TIME TO BE PROFESSIONALS! RIP played like he was in washington again (trash) he and hot-tempered Rasheed Wallace doomed the team. Sheed for three! 3 technical fouls per game! thats not professional! these guys needed a wake up call but totally broke the team down because they were the main structure.2nd yr stuckey cant carry the team, bynum cant and prince tried but he’s a 15 point kinda guy. in my opinion DUMARS need to ditch the crybaby wallace and the immature RIP and get some true players for the starting lineup. sheed plays like a smallforward and RIP plays like a point guard. the guy is a damn good scorer but jus like billups, he wont be playing better until he leaves

    • May 16, 20094:57 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      I think Rip wants to be a leader. But that’s hard to do around the same group of guys he spent the last few years with, when he deferred to Billups and Ben Wallace. If Rip comes back with a new group of teammates, he could become a better leader.

  • May 17, 200912:12 am
    by buc.town


    Well the truth is that players love each other but its because they see each other all time more than family’s .But things change when certain things happen.Rip really loves Chuancey like a brother but He needs to take care Rip ,so contract extention a no brainer

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