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Hamilton and Iverson couldn’t coexist

Besides a few minutes against Houston in January, it was clear Richard Hamilton and Allen Iverson didn’t complement each other on the court. Both commanded the ball, and neither provided much the other didn’t.

Prompted by a comment from a “Bubachuck,” I did some digging into last season’s numbers.

Pistons with Iverson and not Hamilton: 6-2 (.750, equivalent to 62 wins during a full season)

Pistons with Hamilton and not Iverson: 14-7 (.667, 55 wins)

Pistons with both: 18-28 (.391, 32 wins)

Pistons with neither: 1-6 (.143, 12 wins)

I think this means a couple of things.

1. Rumors of Iverson’s demise might (emphasis on might) be exaggerated.

2. Detroit didn’t combust as much as it appears. If the Pistons had another role player instead of Iverson, they probably would have been pretty good.

Could Joe Dumars’s have convinced Denver to throw in Linas Kleiza or Chris Andersen? Add one of them and cut Iverson immediately, Detroit probably would have been the fifth, maybe even fourth, seed.


  • May 28, 20099:21 am
    by brgulker


    With Andersen, maybe we’re a 45+ win club. Kleiza wouldn’t have helped much.

    My reasoning is simple: our biggest problem was inconsistent play from our big men, other than Dyess. We had inconsistent scoring, inconsistent rotations, and inconsistent shot-blocking. Andersen boosts at least the latter two by quite a bit.

    I think the more interesting question is: how scary would Denver be with Dyess?

  • May 28, 20094:32 pm
    by Raj


    Using the lineup data from 82games.com, of the top 20 most used lineups by the Pistons this year, here’s how Iverson and Hamilton played together:

    Iverson/Hamilton with Stuckey: +19 in 341 minutes
    Iverson/Hamilton without Stuckey: -56 in 398 minutes

    Notwithstanding the quality of the opposition during these minutes, this is pretty clear evidence that Hamilton and Iverson just couldn’t play together

  • May 29, 20098:50 am
    by jaypee


    if the piston will be get martin or nene dyess will be more improving because for billups that’s why the denver will going the nba finals…………………………………

  • Jun 1, 200911:19 pm
    by mike_jones


    Detroit needs to get younger and build around there up and coming stars, yea we wont be a number one seed next year but we werent the years before we went on the run to the Finals. Build around Stuckey and somehow make up for the bust of drafting Milicic, just think where we would be if it was Wade, Anthony, or Bosh….. o’well. Either way Joe will have us back on competition in the East soon he is a top 5 president in any sport!!

  • Jun 1, 200911:23 pm


    This year, the Pistons would have s*ck with or without Iverson, the main reason is what Joe Dumars said, he needed to rebuild the team, he knew Rip was getting older, same for “Black Ticket” Sheed Wallace… Only McDyess and Stuckey -at some points- seemed to be NBA players, as so Iverson, who proved is as selfish as he was when he first came the league.

    Anyways, I’m happy for the Nuggets they got Billups (he would have done nothing this year in a Pistons uniform) and I hope the Pistons can return asap where they deserve. Same for A.I, who should go Tibet this summer and smoke some green things and let his heart and mind turn and turn… he must have a ring, he should have it already…

  • Jun 1, 200911:25 pm


    Greeting to anyone form Barcelona, Spain !

  • Jun 2, 200912:03 am
    by Bubabchuck


    I am still envisioning, what if Pistons traded Hamilton for Iverson instead of Billups? I’m pretty sure Billups and Iverson would have complemented each other much better.

    • Jun 3, 20096:55 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      That’s a really interesting question. Billups kept Hamilton in line. Obviously, Iverson would have been a bigger challenge. But after what he did with Melo and J.R. Smith, I think he would have had a fighting chance.

      But at the time, it seemed at the time it was more likely Rip had a future with the Pistons than Billups.

  • Jun 2, 20094:42 pm
    by Breezewood51


    I agree, Hamilton for Iverson would have made more sense. The pistons finish 4 instaed of 8 with more balance and confidence. now start clearing billups iverson and your veterans in a more respectful way.This was a boneheaded move by Joe Dumars as was asking Denver if Melo was avail for a trade when Joe could have drafted Melo or Bosh or D wade with rhe number 2 pick, Why blame iverson for joes poor judgement?

  • Jun 3, 200912:42 pm
    by Charles


    I think the Pistons are going to be fine. This off-season will be addition by subtraction. Getting rid of Iverson and Wallace will do wonders. Both players out lived there stay.

    Even if Dumars doesn’t land a top free agent like Odom, Boozer, or Marion, they will be the same team at the least, if not better. There kids will only continue to develop and the locker room will have a better feel.


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