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Prince might cut his own minutes

Tayshaun Prince is still limited by a sore back and might play reduced minutes in game three, according to Chris McCosky of the Detroit News.

"I will give whatever I can give," he said. "It felt better today (Thursday), but at the same time, I didn’t go at game speed. I am not the type of person to give excuses about injuries because I know both Rasheed and Rip (Hamilton) played hurt for us this season.

"But this is the pivotal game, so if I am not getting anything going early, I will let Arron (Afflalo) and those guys take the load."


  • Apr 23, 20096:38 pm
    by Graham Simmington


    Might that quote be a not-so-slightly veiled criticism of AI??

  • Apr 23, 20096:42 pm
    by Dan Feldman


    Absolutely. Somehow, I didn’t notice that when I first read it. I was too caught up with the standard I-am-not-the-type-of-person-to-give-excuses-but-here’s-an-excuse tactic athletes use.

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