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As the roster turns

Enough about who will be back. Let’s talk about about change.

Dealing with the Hornets

Sam Amico of Pro Basketball News:

A few league sources whom I respect have said that the Hornets may try to take advantage of Detroit’s possible housecleaning this off-season, with their eyes focused on Richard Hamilton or Tayshaun Prince (or both). West could be part of one of those deals, but it’s all speculation at this point. Still, you can’t help but wonder if it’s time to start over in New Orleans. That’s pretty sad when you think about how close the Hornets were to contending last year.

David West is one of my favorite players in the league, and I think he’d be a great fit in Detroit. Tyson Chandler also makes sense given his size and New Orleans’s desire to trade him before the trade deadline.

Do you really want Boozer?

On paper, Carlos Boozer seems like a desirable candidate to be a Piston next year. He averaged 16.2 points and 10.4 rebounds for the Jazz this year.

But this column from Doug Robinson of the Desert News bring up several cons with Boozer. An excerpt:

Would it kill him to act as if he were having some fun out there? Have you ever seen a more joyless, detached player? Look, he’s not laying bricks out there or digging ditches or pouring concrete or preparing taxes. He’s playing basketball. Maybe he could get really crazy and even smile once out there, other than when he wants to show up a referee after a bad call.

Passion for the game translates into consistent hard play and better defense, which leads to . . .

A little more defense would be helpful. Sure, Boozer has averaged 19 points since he joined the Jazz, but he’s probably given up 25 at the other end of the court with his matador defense. Half of playing defense is about effort and passion for the game. Sometimes you wonder if his heart is in it (reread Item 1).

Sheed be gone

Dave Dial of Full Court Press gives a nice breakdown of the rumor that Rasheed Wallace asked for a buyout so he could join the Cavaliers.

He’s probably gone either way, but Chris McCosky of the Detroit News says Wallace never asked for a buyout. But McCosky has an idea where the rumor came from.

That said, one of Wallace’s running bits in the locker room was to wish out loud for a buyout. It started when the Pistons signed Chris Webber a couple years ago after he’d been bought out by Philadelphia.

Wallace would always say, "Damn, I wish somebody would buy me out."

It was a joke. He was envious of Webber getting all his money from the 76ers and another check from the Pistons on top of it.


  • Apr 30, 20096:36 pm
    by Ryan


    Pistons have to gut this team, even if they acquire Ben Gordon and David Lee, or even Gordon and Boozer, it is still not going to be even close to good enough to beat the best in the East. We are going to have to go the super star way and have some bad years and get a high draft pick. That’s why this playoff berth was so pointless, we would have at least had a chance of getting Griffin in the draft. The league is about building around a superstar, so acquiring a couple of good players won’t make us a contender anyways.

  • May 4, 20091:23 am
    by toasterhands


    Dumars would be best served to hold back on inking some of these more expensive players and instead going for the cheaper, youger guys who have the potential to be pretty good players–sort of do it like he did back before this great run. Make a trade or two that rids Detroit of Amir, or Tay, or etc in return for under the radar type guys. Acquire players like Julian Wright, Von Wafer, Jarrett Jack etc, you’ll get em cheaper so the risk is smaller but yet get the guys who have SOMETHING to prove and will compete.

    Th draft should be very interesting.

  • May 8, 200911:23 pm
    by Dan Feldman


    Ryan, the chances of winning the lottery are very slim. If the Pistons had just missed the playoffs, they’d have a 98.2 percent chance of getting the 14th pick. So, not much difference.

    And you are right. Detroit is a ways for contending. That’s why it might make more sense to build a team now. Add a superstar later.

  • May 8, 200911:25 pm
    by Dan Feldman


    Toaster, I like that strategy. I think you add the star later, unless you get a LeBron/Kobe/Paul/Howard/Wade-level player. But that’s not happening.

    Another route I’d pursue is receiving draft picks or quality players in exchange for taking big contracts. And in this economy, the big contract might even belong to decent players.

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