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Iverson out


Because of a back injury, Detroit guard Allen Iverson will not play Tuesday night when the Pistons host the Denver Nuggets, sources told ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith.

Instead, Iverson will be seeing a specialist in Washington to get a second opinion on his injury, which he fears may be more serious than first thought, sources said.

Maybe the injury is serious, or maybe Chris McCosky of the Detroit News was right when he said Iverson doesn’t want to deal with coming off the bench.

Allen Iverson should be healthy enough to play Tuesday against Denver.

Now, whether he has had enough time to wrap his mind around the idea of coming off the bench is another issue. Michael Curry said there was no correlation between Iverson going back to Detroit for further diagnosis on his back and the news that he was benched. But, come on. The MRI was clean. The back injury was a convenient excuse to get away and clear his head. No way did he want to answer questions about coming off the bench.

Bob Biscigliano at Detroit4lyfe might have hit the nail on the head with his Jon Kitna-Iverson comparison.

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  • Mar 3, 20094:03 pm
    by Bob Biscigliano


    Thanks for the link. I am going to put you guys in my blogroll. I see you have a section for other Pistons Coverage–if you don’t want to put our general Detroit sports blog in there–do you mind putting http://motorcitystones.blogspot.com in there? It’s just a syndication of all the Pistons articles written for Detroit4lyfe.com.

    Also, according to a source very close with the Pistons when asked the question, “Is Iverson fine and the Pistons are kind of just taking it easy with him because they know they are better without him?” I received the answer, “no comment haa” Take it for what you will….

    Great work over here!


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